We’re starting with a three point game now, as the Pack have had four turnovers through the first three quarters — and Brian Griese has not thrown any picks.

3rd and 9 now after Griese lets one fly, and I think John Madden has developed a boner for Greg Olsen right now. Why the hell did they rush on 3rd and 9? I know this is a tie if Gould hits it, but still, give it one good shot. Gould’s 36 yarder is good, and it’s 20-all.

I understand not wanting to throw a pick, but that shows a serious lack of brass ones.

The Gunslinger will start deep in his own territory due to holding on the kickoff. The Bears’ defense is now stuffing the running game that worked so well earlier for Green Bay. DeShawn Wynn is getting nothing, and the Bears force a three and out.

The punt coverage team just destroys Hester, but the officials tack on five yards at the end for a GB player going out of bounds on coverage — which I was not aware was a penalty. So, the Bears will have it at midfield.

Who unfroze Brett for that picture? How does one get a chin on their forehead? – twoeightnine
You’re right 289, he could play a one of the Caveman’s kids on that awful sitcom. – meatwad

I’ve been meaning to go off on ABC execs for that stupid sitcom, but I haven’t live-blogged an ESPN/ABC sporting event where I would be subject to it for a while. All I’ll say is that if you don’t want me to watch something, promote it as a “Man Date” like ABC promotes Cavemen and Carpoolers.

Garrett Wolfe is short of the first on the screen pass, but Green Bay gives Chicago a first down on a 15-yard face mask. Ah, that’s the Brian Griese I know and hated in Denver: he throws a pass that gets tipped and picked by Nick Puppinga.

no work tomorrow = have another beer…ah the joys of working at a golf course…wow benson got more than his usual 2 yard fall forward…anyone think the score would be 20-20 w/ grossman in at QB? – Noce

No, you’d be losing by 30-13 or so, but at least you’d be able to accept the loss rather than watch Son of Griese break your heart with a late pick or an inability to handle the 4th quarter drive.

“And he just underhands it about 30 yards. Only Brett.” – AM
“And you say, ‘what can’t he do any more?’ Only that.” – JM, referring to his scrambling.

The Packers are regressing before our eyes in this half. Madden is crying out for the Gunslinger to come back and throw it deep, and throw something else deep into him. Morency gets another few yards, and the Packers suffer another 3-and-out.

Hester gets a good return, but it’s negated by a hold on the coverage team on the punt. Bears go back to their own 47 instead of having the ball on the Green Bay 35. Is Cedric Benson capable of rushing for more than 3 yards? I know he did it earlier in the game, but I wonder if I was hallucinating it. And Kabeer Ghaja-Biamila pile drives Griese into the ground on third down for the sack.

I know it’s just his initials, but “KGB” has to be one of the coolest nicknames for a D-lineman ever.

Brett Favre has made as many dumb throws in his career as he has smart throws. Yet every laughs and ignores it. It’s just Brett being Brett. – Hugging Harold Reynolds

BUT HE’S A GUNSLINGER! Don’t you understand, man???

PUT IN ORTON!! At least a Jim Beam hangover gives him an excuse!! – meatwad

And possibly an advantage. Wynn gets smashed up on another carry again, and there’s a flag for offensive holding. Eventually Favre will have to throw it deep if the Packers will even bother to get a first down. Would someone at NBC go upstairs and fix Madden? His brain is looping on the same points again. The Gunslinger gets it to James Jones on 2nd down. It’s dropped by James Jones, but Favre was rushed by the Chicago defense. Here comes another punt, and Hester only gets back to the 20 this time.

“I would just put it in Brett Favre’s Hands” John Madden.

I bet you would John…..I bet you would – Hugging Harold Reynolds


Oh, and they have to mention Ron Turner (O-coordinator) talking to his brother Norv….who beat the pants off my Broncos today…I need another drink. Griese throws a good pass and Olsen hauls it in. Benson rushes it for more than 2 yards — he gets six on the carry, but then regresses on the next carry. 25 carries for only 56 yards. Boy, is that a lot of suck. Not Purple Jesus barrels through for what appears to be a first down. Green Bay is challenging the spot, and the challenge is successful — now to see if the spot is actually a 1st or not now.

“That’s why [Lovie Smith’s] eyes are so big. I’ve had to make that decision before.” – JM. Al then sucks in his breath like he’s got something at stake. Chicago gets that first down, and they’re gonna keep driving and blowing clock for a field goal, it looks like. Benson runs it down more, but doesn’t get a 1st down.

Wait, how did McCarthy lose a timeout if he got the officials to move the chains back? Chicago didn’t get a first down, but the spot was changed. Am I missing something?

I hope Madden starts doing a Frank Caliendo impersonation – HHR

Does Frank Caliendo even have a normal voice? If you impersonate someone enough, are you stuck using that voice, like your parents would tell you that if you made a face often enough, it would stay that way?

Griese throws it over the middle to Des Clark, who heads right into the end zone for six. Who knew Brian could lead a fourth quarter drive? Incredible. 27-20, Bears, after Gould’s extra point.

Oh good, Al finally realizes he fucked up, and that Green Bay should probably have two time outs left. Here comes the super slobber, as Brett Favre is set for yet Another Fourth Quarter Comeback by a Legend, when we return!

“Tonight, Brian Griese didn’t beat himself.” – JM. The exception to the rule, John; the exception to the rule. Packers are up to their own 32 — and apparently they did lose that time out because they challenged that it was a first down, so one T.O. left. Nearly picked by Charles Tillman on that last pass — would have cemented his “star of the game” status. And this is some awful play calling by going over the middle all the time. They’re nowhere close to the end zone right now.

James Jones drops one, and now it’s end zone or bust territory for the Packers — and Brandon McGowan picks it in the end zone for a touchback! And that means Favre ties George Blanda’s INT record with 277, as Griese takes a knee.

Bears win 27-20, and their season is still alive. Thanks for joining me this week, and I’ll see you next week for Saints-Seahawks. Come by Signal to Noise some time, you hear?

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