When Dan at RedSox Monster sent me these I knew they would be good. But not THIS good. Seriously go lose yourself in these for the next hour or so…

Wily Mo Pena’s Myspace (Song Choice: Jao, Por mi Gente) and Josh Beckett’s MySpace (Song Choice: Nirvana- Heart Shaped Box)

Some Highlights:

Wily Mo Answering Survey Questions….

Let’s walk on the: phone
Let’s run through: a baseball field
Let’s look at the: moon
What a nice: ASS
Where did all the: LICOR GO??
Why can’t you: F…. me 2nite???
Silly, little: bicth
Tell me: my name B

Josh Beckett Laying Down the Law….

“I DON’T have an attitude you stupid mother f*cker!”

-Can you prove to me your Josh Beckett?
Quick Reply…Why should I? If you can’t see from the disclaimer and my pictures, you must be that stupid, that you actually make Manny Ramirez look smart.

-Why don’t you ever e-mail me back?
Quick Reply…I’ll get to that in the disclaimer.

-Would you go on a date with me? Can I have your phone number? OMG your so hot.
Quick Reply…I’ll block anyone who sends me anything like this. I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND! Also, that is considered stalking, I’m not a fan of stalking, and I will lose my temper on those people easily.

-Can I have your autograph?
Quick Reply…Why should I give my address to you over the internet? STALKER! If you want my autograph, come to a game.

God…just reading through the comments makes me giggle.

Wily Mo Wants Some LICOR!!! (Red Sox Monster)

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