I don’t know if Skip Caray was promised anything beforehand, but he’s pretty upset that he’s been left off the TBS Postseason Announcing roster. Skip has just gotten back into the booth for The Atlanta Braves (TBS) after a hospital stay for heart complications, but TBS went in a different direction.

Well Skip is pissed that no one has told him anything and has decided to not only take on the network that snubbed him, but the announcers that are there in his place….

“It hurt my feelings, and I’m mad at myself for thinking there was any loyalty left in this business,” Caray, the longtime Atlanta Braves broadcaster, said in an interview Wednesday. “I should have known better. They can do whatever they want to do,” Caray said, “but I’ve done a lot of good work for these people, and it’s hurtful that they apparently don’t think I can do good work anymore.”

I feel like I can do a better job than a tennis announcer or a football-basketball announcer,” Skip Caray said. “I’m not knocking Ted Robinson and Dick Stockton, but point of fact is they don’t do baseball anymore and I’m there every day.”

Ouch. Someone sounds a tad bitter, but I think I would be too. I feel bad that his hospital stay probably played a role in TBS’ decision (it’s like when an injured QB comes back to the backup playing well), buuuuuut it is a little childish to call out your peers like that. It’s not their fault.

TBS has also released a statement in response to TBS and it’s as exciting as you’d think it would be: “TBS has put together four telecast teams that we feel will best serve our national baseball audience. … We appreciate Skip’s abilities as a play-by-play announcer and look forward to his [Braves] calls for us next year on Peachtree TV, but we decided to go in another direction as we look to brand our new MLB-on-TBS playoff package.”

It stinks when no one gives you any reasoning, but you have to be bigger than that Skip. This happens every year….just do better next year and hope for the best. And don’t worry I’ll be watching and if a Tennis/Football Announcer says something dumb you’ll hear about it.

Skip Caray left off TBS’ postseason lineup (Atlanta Journal Constitution)