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Just to be clear: I have no idea if that headline is accurate or not. Considering Skip’s feelings over being left off TBS’s postseason roster, however, it was the first thing that came to mind when AA forwarded me the following tip on Chip Caray’s Wikipedia page earlier this afternoon (credit Nyjer Please with the original find):

“Chip Caray has long been considered one of the worst sports broadcasters, both today and over baseball history. Many believe he is the least prepared play-by-play announcer in baseball. He often holds on to a topic he thinks he knows and will not let it go during a broadcast. Most believe he is the perfect example of “nepostism”. Even during his non-Braves broadcast, Caray seems to become completely biased and is absolutely disrespectful to the team he decides not to “cheer on”. He has a complete disregard for baseball history. Most feel he should do the sports industry a favor and quit.”

Five hours later and its still there, although one of Wikipedia’s Editorial Finest has noted that, “The following section sounds highly editorial. It doesn’t belong in a factual account. There are statements made with no supporting citations.” You think?

TBS has been a part of my cable package for years now, but I don’t think I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to Caray call a game. If that admittedly tongue-in-cheek entry is even half true, however, I might have to make the effort – probably during the regular season, not the playoffs – because he sounds like an incredible mix between Joe Morgan and Tommy Heinsohn. Thrown in a dash of Gus Johnson, and you’ve got a winner.

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