You can now get your AA in a convenient 7-Day a week package!

I had two offers the past week from Channel 4 News team members to “do more” for the site, and I’ve decided to take them up on their offer(s).

The Press Buffet: I mentioned this last week, but Eric from Extrapolater is going to be running a weekly feature on the good and bad of the written word. Look for him in the tubes late afternoon on Friday/early Saturday.

The first installment is on the Schools of the Final Four, and how they’re reacting to the trip to Atlanta. I can’t wait.

AA The Weekend: In a move that completely copies Deadspin (imitation is the sincerest form of flatery)….I’ve added a “weekend editor”. Brian from One More Dying Quail requested the position, and has the site all to himself on Saturday and Sunday.

B will do a much better job than your Alcoholic Host who is too hammered on boxed wine Saturday and Sunday to provide you with good/legible content.

So there you have it….join them both this weekend as we keep rocking in the Free World.