I didn’t think this thing was going to be weekly, but apparently it is. Bill Simmons has a second podcast up today, and it is about 100 times better than the first. This week’s guest is Adam Corolla and he surprisingly knows a ton about Boxing.

Sports Guy Podcast #2

I think this whole thing is going to boil down to guests. While my A.D.D. kicked on and off for the 30 minutes….Adam Corolla is pretty entertaining, and the technical difficulties are actually pretty funny. I just picture Adam Corolla putting his junk on the window to Bill’s office as Simmons tries not to laugh.

I give this one a solid B on the AA scale.

The Sportsguy Podcast: Your Worst Nighmares Have Come True (Awful Announcing)

(P.S.- It’s very possible that this podcast had the two most annoying voices on the planet. If you can get past that it’s good.)

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