Eric from Extrapolater will be live-blogging his Alma Mater the #6 Kansas Jayhawks as they take on the #10 Texas A&M Aggies.

Until then here are a few entertaining quotes from last night’s Nets/Magic game.

Jon Barry talking about a recent trip to Puerto Rico…..

“A lot of nba fans down there. Yogi and Mariati…..Jorge, Maichi.”- Jon Barry
“He didn’t mention Margarita as well….who I know he visited as well”- Jones
“Is she in the WNBA?”- Bill Walton

Talking about Keith Bogans….

“He took my job”- JB
“Don’t be so bitter”- BW

This kid Rondo is like Larry Bird on Defense”- Tommy Heisohn

Steve Smith as a broadcaster?

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