A whole bunch of rumors surfaced about Greg Oden’s 40 20 year old body last evening. I’m pretty sure most of these might be just hearsay….well, all but one….

“We haven’t heard anything about his knee,” said agent Bill Duffy, who represents Oden in association with Mike Conley Sr. “One thing we are aware of is that his hip alignment is off. One of his legs is longer than the other, but he’s obviously had that for a long time.”

Who’s got their AA scavenger hunts out? You ready??? One of my arms is longer than the other. Oh snap!!! He can’t type! He can no longer reside in his ‘rents’ basement. He’s done as a blogger!!!

But seriously….are you really not going to draft him because of that? This has to be Seattle just starting random rumors right??? Those coffee drinking bastards!!!

P.S.- CNNSI often gets overlooked, but great reporting by Mr. Ian Thomsen

Injury concerns about Oden (CNNSI)

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