Back in 2000 ex-ESPNer Jill Arrington won the first ever Sexiest Sportscaster Contest put on by Playboy and proceeded to disappear from the face of the earth. Well almost 8 years later they’re back with their second installment and here are the 12 Ladies you have to choose from….

You can click below for a larger version if you can’t see the entrants, but the rundown is:

Erin Andrews, Colleen Dominguez, Alex Flanagan, Shana Hiatt, Jamie Little, Hazel Mae, Rachel Nichols, Lisa Salters, Lindsay Soto, Sage Steele, Krista Voda, and Jeanne Zelasko.

I had to look up a few of those candidates up (namely Soto and Little), but I think we all know who’s taking home the crown. That’s right folks…..Lisa Salters! I kid, all are beautiful women and take their jobs very seriously (although Playboy could have done a better job picking the photos).

If you’re asking where the likes of Bonnie Bernstein and Pam Oliver are…..Playboy doesn’t repeat any of it’s entrants and they were all in the First Edition (Angie Arlati, Jill Arrington, Jillian Barberie, Bonnie Bernstein, Lisa Guerrero, Inga Hammond, Pam Oliver, Summer Sanders, Melissa Stark, and Hannah Storm)

Feel free to head over to Playboy and vote, but for the results you could just head over to The Big Picture for the “Would You Do Tourney” and save yourself some time.

America’s Sexiest Sportscaster (

(SFW and thanks to C-Mott for tip)

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