Ugh…okay. Here’s the thing….Yes, I understand what the term “fagging out” means. I get it….you tire out….like a cigarette burning out….fag is a British slang for cigarette. I get all of that. But why be that insensitive and use the phrase? It’s just so idiotic and ignorant to not pay attention to what you’re saying.

A Brazil nut was once known as a “N****r Toe”. Do we still call it that? Of course not….it’s an inflammatory term, and has no business in our dialect.

So did I overreact when I first saw the video….probably. He wasn’t “trying” to directly harm the gay population. So what is his response after CBS said it was a “poor choice of words”???

“I can assure you I will use that phrase again and I won’t think twice about it,” he said. “My meaning is genuine.”

No Billy your meaning was/is not genuine. If your meaning was genuine you would have either A) Not used a derogatory word no matter what the connotation was. B) Apologized if there was confusion/harm, and explained the true meaning of the term.

Look I’m not perfect either. I have a lesbian friend, and use the term “gay” a lot around her. I’ve made a concerted effort to stop. But I guess the difference between Billy and myself is that I recognize when it bothers her. I then make sure to apologize, and I feel like an ass. He feels no remorse about anything he does……ever. I just have no respect people like that.

And on that note…..I’m done with Billy Packer. The guy has just worn out his welcome on this site and the broadcast booth for me. I hope CBS noticed all the anti-Packer noise during the tournament and decides to make a change (but they won’t).

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