Sorry for the lack of Final Four quotes over the weekend. I was actually moving and watched about 10 minutes of the FLA/UCLA game. (Moving f’ing sucks….I’ve done it about 6 times in the last 8 years, and it never gets easier.)

As far as MLB goes today….well I don’t have the day off, but I’m going to try to flip through as many games as possible today. To get you hyped for the start of today’s action I proudly present….

Baseball’s Opening Night in Quotes starring Joseph Morgan:

“That pitch was on the inner half….not on the inside”- JM, Umm..right Joe.

“That was an interesting pitch…..he got Delgado off”- JM, Eww.

“Albert is treating these pitches with disdain”- Jon Miller, I loved that quote for some reason.

“If they continue to play great defense the pitching is never going to look bad”- JM, Huh? What if a pitcher gives up 6 Homeruns in three innings like R.A. Dickey???

“I never pay too much attention to stats”- JM, There’s the Joe we know!

From the Comments: Miller and Morgan were discussing Beltran, and Morgan said Beltran likes to hit to all fields. So far, so good. Then Beltran doubled, and Miller, after the call, said (paraphrasing) “and there he hit to all fields, just like you said!”

No, Jon, no. It’s impossible to hit to all fields in one at-bat.

Morgan had a dumb comment later when he was talking about someone or other’s chances this year and said the batter would have X-plus homers “or more.” Joe, are you not aware what “plus” means? If I say you’re gonna hit 40+ home runs, that means 40 or more. You don’t have to add “or more.” “40 or more or more” makes no sense. Doofus. (Frothy)

Other AA Notes:

Jon Miller says ESPN is having “Audio Problems”…..said audio problem is Joe Morgan

Joe Morgan called Yadier Molina….Yadier Mo-Knee-La….about 5 times.

Enjoy the action today, and I’ll be throwing up quotes and random musings as the day goes on. Feel free to add your own in the comments (be sure to pimp your site, so I can link it on this page)

Another great piece to “get you in the mood” is this Rumors and Rants post on Sports Bloggers’ Favorite MLB Players. I was supposed to do Eddie Murray, but the move killed that. Great read though if you have two minutes.

Join me after the jump for some live-blogging if you please.

And we’re in! The MLB video was acting up a bit there, but we’re live and watching Atlanta/Philly. Anybody else got something different?

That’s nice…..Ryan Howard gets a standing ovation from the Philly crowd. Stay on their good side Ryan. And right on queue he gets his first hit of 2007.

Well the Yankees are getting to Scott Kazmir early. Doesn’t he always get shelled by them? Also, the YES Network is already in full swing as they’ve been drooling over this team for the first 15 minutes of the game.

Well that was quick…..A-Rod strikes out and the Yankees fan are already booing. Gotta Love New York.

Giambi hits a two-out single and two score….exactly what A-Rod couldn’t do.

“Every pitch you throw in the first is a pitch you can’t throw in the sixth”- Michael Kay, YES Network

Classy move by the Phillies to put John Vuckovich’s name in the third base coaching box….here’s a shot of it….

Anonymous said….Kruk just said Jeter should ask the trainer for a shin guard after he got hit on the shin. Except he had a shin guard on, and it hit the shin guard!

See these are the things I miss when I’m forced to watch the YES Network broadcast. Keep the Kruk quotes coming!

Signal to Noise said….I’ve been trained to hate the Dodgers since birth, but I love hearing Vin call a game with every fiber of my being.

I think I might join you over at that game in a few. I’m not going to watch the TOR/DET game and ATL/PHI is already boring. Anyone have any requests?

Nevermind….I of course get the Brewers’ feed. Balls.

Eric Davis gets to catch the first pitch for the Cubs/Reds game, and the mayor of Cincy proceeds to throw it into the Reds dugout…..I’m not kidding. He missed Davis by 40 feet.

I’m glad Josh Hamilton is back and Rick Sutcliffe is announcing his game. Everything is right in the world.

So Brian McCann has the first homerun of the year. Great investment by the Braves in giving him that long-term deal. John Smoltz is spot-on as well.

Cleveland is destroying Contreras early….5 runs and counting in the first. Grady Sizemore has an Opening Day homer in the inning.

Pavano just got taken deep by Elijah Dukes for his first Major League homer, and BJ Upton follows with a single. There’s action in the Yanks bullpen as Pavano is at about 70 pitches through 4 innings. Upton also just stole second….looks like he finally might have arrived.

Adam Dunn just destroyed Carlos Zambrano for his 2nd Homerun of the day, and gets a curtain call in the 3rd inning of the first game of the season. Hey, The Reds need something to cheer about right?

Johnny Damon is hurt and out of the Yankees lineup with hamstring problems.

Jeter singles and scores two as the Yankees tie it up. A-Rod is up next and there’s a Devil Ray pitching change. My money is on double play…Whoops, Bobby Abreu is up, but there’s a double play anyway as Melky Cabs falls down while trying to tag.

So I was going to comment on this, but it seems MJD over at the Fanhouse beat me to it. The Right Guard commercial is driving me insane about now. Oooh he said “Pitch a tent”….risque! Shut up Right Guard, or at least change the commercial.

Giambi with another RBI single after an A-Rod single and stolen base. The Yanks lead and I don’t think they’re surrendering this one.

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