This cracked me up when I read it, so I had to share. ESPN/ABC’s Lisa Salter was reporting on Missouri’s Chase Daniel during the Big XII Championship game on Saturday to a few more people than she originally thought. Via SBD….

During the Oklahoma-Missouri Big 12 Championship game, ABC’s Lisa Salters could be heard over the stadium reporting, “Well Brent, [Missouri QB] Chase Daniel was over here on the bench fuming. He was just so upset.” Musburger: “Lisa was talking to a lot more folks than she anticipated. (Laughs) Whoa, Chase looked over there and said, ‘Who’s talking about me like that on the PA, man?'” Musburger went on to explain, “Lisa is getting ready for a halftime contest … and she will be on the PA system down there, and I suspect when they checked it through the PA they inadvertently left it on”

Damn…..can’t believe I missed that one.

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