I should have known better, and you should have warned me. I’m ashamed of you really (just kidding). This year is completely mirroring last year when I said Tony wasn’t that bad after Game #1, Took it back after Game #2 of the preseason, and then completely hammered them after Game #3.

Last night’s game was pretty bad, but I kept telling myself that this is the preseason. It’s okay to still have hope. But then I started thinking back to last year, and how every week it got worse and worse. You have to think back to every cheesy Kornheiser joke (“It’s 5,000 Degrees….It’s Indonesia Hot!”), every mistake and stumble by Mike Tirico (“Ben Franklin high above the City of Philadelphia”), and every single one of those in-booth interviews. They haven’t even started the interviews yet (Jerry Rice doesn’t count).

I then thought about the post from yesterday on the videos that fans can now submit. Shortly after that the emails started flooding the Inbox….

“I liked how three of the four studio analysts were former Cowboys. Who does ESPN think it is? Fox?”- AN

(While this is true I did enjoy the exchange between Keyshawn and Parcells. Berman said it was weird getting used to Parcells at the desk. Parcells came back with, “you better get used to me being here,” which was immediately followed by Keyshawn saying, “Yeah, Yeah. We’ve heard that one before coach.”)

“There were entire series of downs, changes in quarterbacks and turnovers that were overshadowed by stories about White House dinners and interviews with players.”- MS

“Why is Kornheiser there? He knows he shouldn’t be there, the audience knows he shouldn’t be there, but somewhere in Bristol is an executive’s ego which refuses to admit a mistake was made and will thus force it down people’s throats at all expense.”- Anonymous Commenter

“I tune in for a football game, not for a circus. While Jaws has to be an improvement, the production, extended interviews, etc, seemed to once again stress how much ELSE there is to watch besides the football game… Ugh. MNF on ESPN sucks.”- Anonymous Commenter

” If that is what is going to happen during the regular season, my household will either listen on the radio or rent a movie and read the highlights in Tuesday’s newspaper. The broadcast was awful. I hope [they] will re-think the entire format.”- MS

“AA, I love your site and your comments, but I have to put in an intervention. You, my friend, are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Poor guy can’t remember what a good broadcast is on that show anymore.”- Anonymous Commenter (from Game#1 review)

I think that last one about sums it up. I believe the wool was/is trying to be pulled over our eyes folks. I still love Jaws on the broadcast, but I think once the season finally gets going, he’s not going to have a chance to get a word in. He seems to be rushing already.

Over the past three games they’ve talked about Michael Vick a good 70% of the time. While I understand it was necessary to touch on it a bit yesterday, that’s just overkill. I could really care less about Mike Vick now, and I think most people feel that way as well. We all knew he was going to jail and that he wasn’t playing this year….you’re not telling us anything new.

And guess what? It’s only going to get worse. I think this one line from last night summed up next week’s telecast for me already……

“We will be in Atlanta next week on August 27th…..the same day that Vick will be in a Richmond Court entering his guilty plea.”- Mike Tirico

Ugh. It’s like the perfect storm for Monday Night Football. I could do that review now if I wanted too. While I’m not taking back my first review (I did enjoy that game), I’d like to hold back on all other judgements until we get into the Regular Season. I’m just going to hope for the best, but plan on me flipping out during a live-blog around Week #3.

Anyone know who’s on Dancing With the Stars yet? ESPN needs to plan some interviews.

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