– This has been a bore of a game so far, but at least it is close, with the potential of a good ending. If Ohio State can get anything from Greg Oden and make a few shots, they can pull off the upset.

– I agree with everyone’s comments. Enough of the bullshit, no more Erin Andrews voice overs, whats the point of that? I’m posting a picture just to get through her next appearence.

– Dickie V is making excuses for Oden’s crappy play, in complete denial.

– Now he just compared Oden to Tim Duncan. Just so you know, he’s now compared him to Duncan and Michael Redd tonight.

– Andrews gets some screen time, but only 4 seconds, but Dickie V told her he saw a video of her dancing when she was at Florida, aka he wasstaring at her picutres on the Interent late at night, like everyone else

– Taylor hits a big three to give the Badgers a 36-33 lead . Guess what, Dickie V thinks he’s underrated

– No way, I’m pretty sure the guy who just hit a 3 for Wisconsin is wearing Rec Specs… I need confirmation on this….

Wisconsin on a semi-run…

Wisconsin 41 Ohio State 36

– We are back after some timeout confusion that screwed OSU out of 2 points….

– Yup, Landy from Wisconsin is rocking Rec-Specs hybrids. They kind of look like the saftey goggles I had to wear when I worked for my Dad’s construction company. Awesome

– Crazy shot by Tucker at the end of thr shot clock, and the crowd is the loudest it has been all night.

– I’ll tell you what, Rec-Specs can jump. He blocks a shot and the place is going

– I think saw what can only be desribed as the “crappy white lay-up attempt” by Wisconsin

Badgers have the momentum

Wisconsin 47 Ohio State 41

– Who is having a worse game? Greg Oden or Brian Butch?

– Taylor now has 18 points and Wisconsin has their biggest lead of the game at 49-41. Ohio State better start hitting some 3s or this might get away from them soon

– Yeah thats right, give some love to the stats guys (that was my crappy college job. Trust me, I’ve met plenty of DBag announcers)

– God I hate the 30 in 30 update. Isn’t that why we have the Bottom Line?

– Wisconsin is starting to pull away, up 14 with 10 to play. Maybe I should filled out those Grad School applications tonight

Wisconsin 55 Ohio State 41

– By the way, Greg Oden still hasn’t done shit tonight

– In the upset of the year (screw Boise) Vitale has yet to find a way to mention Duke.

– Umm what is going on? Vitale is talking about stealing money? But he said something that I was unaware of that Wilbon signed a new 5 year deal with ESPN. Good deal, I’m a big Wilbon fan.

– Rec-Spec Landy may be my second favorite player (behind Ivory of course)

Wisconsin 60 Ohio State 47

-Oden finally hits his first field goal at the 7:00 minute mark

– Here is Oden’s stat line thus far…. 4 points, 3 rebounds, 1 field goal, 4 fouls. But don’t worry, Michael Redd is impressed.

– Harris hits his 5th 3 and the Buckeyes have it in single digits. 11-3 run…

– Well, Taylor sure has no leaping ability. I hope he wasn’t trying to dunk that.

– Dickie V is telling us about how he likes “Curb” Herbstreet

Somehow, Ohio State is still within single digits

Wisconsin 64 Ohio State 56

– Good point by Wasting Company Time, what a shitty past few days for Ohio State. It’s all that bad karma catching up with the Buckeyes from Pass Interference Gate in the 2003 Fiesta Bowl. I’m still bitter.

– Wisconsin is letting Ohio State hang around, but Ohio State continues to throw up bricks everytime they can make it interesting

– 2:00 left, hopefully time for one more Erin Andrews apperence.

– Ohio State is running an effective half court trap, but bail out the Badgers with a foul with only :03 left on the shot clock. Where was the trap the rest of the game

– Ohio State turns it over again and the Buckeyes are foul mode. Thats the ball game folks.

– What the hell??? It’s now a 3 point game with :25 seconds left. I think Wisconsin starting celebrating a bit too early.

– Dunk by Oden, 2 point game…Taylor going to the line with :07 seconds. Seriously, what the hell??

– Missed it….holy shit….Butler’s 3 for the tie…..no good….the Badgers freaking survive. How did that happen?


Wisconsin 72 Ohio State 69

Anyway, thanks to AA for letting my Live-blog. It was a blast. Thanks for all the comments. Check out the rest of my stuff at Just Call Me Juice



Awesome job Marco! AA here…..Damn crazy ending. That was almost a huge colapse. Just have some breaking news for you all (and those reading this tomorrow)…..I hope you’re not sick of live-blogs! We’ve got another weekend of NFL playoffs for you. I will be out of town, so…….

One More Dying Quail is doing what we call here the The MJD. He’s giving you an entire day with both the Colts/Ravens at 430 and the Eagles/Saints at 8.

Not to be out done….BelovedRad Blogless and Awesome Sam T. is on the Sunday early game. It’s Seahawks/Bears at 1pm. Join us won’t you?

(P.S.- I still need someone for the late game. If you’re interested email me at awfulannouncing@gmail.com)

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