I don’t know if they released this because of the recent “boycotting” of ESPN by Barry Bonds talk, but either way it seems pretty convenient. So you want to avoid ESPN Barry? Well try to avoid this…..

ESPN will provide live cut-ins and short turn-around highlights of Barry Bonds’ at bats when he goes for home runs 754, 755 and 756 during all Major League Baseball programming (Sunday Night Baseball, Monday Night Baseball, Wednesday Night Baseball and Baseball Tonight) as he attempts to break the all-time home run record. ESPN will also offer live or taped cut-ins in non-MLB programming (unless the at bat or home run occurs during any other national rightsholder telecast).

So basically Barry….if you don’t want your 755th and 756th homers on ESPN, you have to do it Saturday on FOX.

(Source: ESPN Press Release)

P.S.- There will also be a documentary on Hank Aaron which will feature an older documentary by Tom Brokaw from October 1973. So it’ll be a documentary of a documentary….nice. What am I saying….I’ll still watch it. (Tuesday, July 24 at 7 p.m.)

P.P.S.- Don’t look now Barry, but Pedro Gomez is hiding in a laundry hamper in your house. If you try and call the police they are just going to tell you that the call “came from inside the house!!!!”.