Bad News for Simmons Haters today. The most coveted writing Free Agent for this upcoming off season has been re-signed by The Yankees ESPN. The deal is rumored to be 4 years, so get ready for more basketball blog!

The best part of the deal….Simmons will also take part in developing shows for The WWL.

Not sure if they’ll let him run wild, or direct him in certain directions, but there’s promise there. The shows will either be awesome, or terribly terribly bad (which could be awesome too).

For those of you that have been reading AA for the better part of the site’s existence know that I’ve taken Simmons to task before. I would never take anything back that I’ve said, but I think he’s on the way to re-inventing himself.

I enjoy the Basketball Blog even though he doesn’t know as much as some of the experts, and his foray into Announcing was a success. So much so that it makes this site that much more credible (Seriously….Analysts….Bill Simmons did your job without any formal training. Get in the f’ing game).

And this happened just in time for Baseball Season……YAY!