S2N is going to miss the live-blog tonight, and I’m working on a computer from 1986, so we’re skipping the thing entirely. Keep emailing me your quotes and thoughts on Week Twelve and I’ll post them throughout the day.

Siragusa in the endzone immediately adds “its cold out here” when everyone in NY knows its a beautiful day in NY with no wind, rare for the Meadowlands. (Via Richard)

“Chris Meyers is never a sideshow.”- Sam Rosen
“Just call me Disco Stu.”- Chris Meyers
(After a Simpsons Promo)

Gus Johnson just called Joshua Cribbs, “The most dangerous return man in all of pro football,” Ummm Devon Hester? (Via TJ)

Right before the half when offsetting personal fouls were called against a Cincinnati player and Lendale White, CBS goes to commercial. When they come back, you hear Steve Beuerlein say “…USC Thugs” before the other announcer greets everyone back to the game. (Via Scottie)

Whoops….that’s not good Stevie.

“Thats just an example of Gus Frerotte pulling out too quickly”- JC Pearson (Via Cheddar)

“I like that because you’d have to slow it down to supersonic minus warp speed to say you have a catch.”- Randy Cross

“It’s been a very difficult year for both these coaches. They’re extraordinarily talented, their teams have not played well, there have been injuries, there have been disappointments, and coaches ultimately are gonna take the blunt.”- Dick Enberg (Via Heath)

Greg Gumbel reading a promo: “When you want the truth, ask the nanny. It’s CSI: Miami on CBS Monday.”
Dan Dierdorf: “Well, I could just ask you.”
Gumbel: “Hahaha, what…oh yeah.”
(Via JR)

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