I can’t really tell from this article in the Rocky Mountain News whether this item is in actual negotiation, or the author is just speculating. Either way it’s a pretty interesting idea, and ultimately going to tick a ton of people off.

The idea/plan is that the NFL Network is heading the way of Pay Per View, and will look to make at least one key game a weekend purchasable to everyone with Comcast cable. It may also look to do this for the first round of the Playoffs as well.

Meanwhile, media experts offer numerous thoughts about the future impact the NFL Network will have on cable services and satellite operations.

One potential scenario: While CBS, Fox and NBC will offer “free” coverage of most games, the NFL Network will have a pay-per-view system featuring at least one key weekend matchup during the regular season. And a pay-per-view aspect during the playoffs certainly is a possibility.

The NFL Network holds the key to a new way of life for NFL fans – a life that will be anything but free TV.

Wow….if that’s the plan. Tell me you wouldn’t shell out $5-$10 bucks to rent an out-of-market game if you didn’t have League Pass? I would do it in a heartbeat. Deion looks very happy about this.

Viewing becomes costly (Rocky Mountain News)

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