Can’t remember if I covered this or not, but Bonnie Bernstein is hosting NFL Live in the offseason and I couldn’t be happier. I don’t care if the analysts are Mark “Guiding Light” Schlereth and Sean Salisbury. I’m watching.

I’m watching even though their first segment was a 5-minute discussion on whether Training Camp fight were a good thing or not. I’m watching even though they had 7 reports from ‘sprite’ Rachel Nichols on basically nothing (although the Tank Johnson interview was good). I’m watching even if Sean Salisbury yells “FREEDOM!” when comparing an Eagles Training Camp fight to Braveheart (true story…I missed the video opportunity). And yes, I’m watching even if Bonnie calls Canton….Camden.

Yes, I’m watching because Bonnie is one of the best Sports Reporters period. Oh, and she’s number two on my “Top 5” list. Probably more because of number two. Sorry….number one was kind of a lie.

P.S.- If anyone can guess number one (hint: she’s also in sports and not Erin Andrews) I’ll send you a Free Harold! t-shirt.

P.P.S.- I wouldn’t be against ESPN firing Trey Wingo and hiring Bonnie full-time. In fact I’m starting an online petition now.