– Decent 1st half as both teams finally figured out how to make shots about 10 minutes in

– Highlights so far have been Mojito, Frye and of course, The Organ

– Fyre/Mojito…..sounds like a combo meal

– Pub Trivia Answer…….wind

– Second Half begins…..with CCSU’s 10th turnover

– 15th point from Frye…. I like SH’s chances

– Another bucket from Sacred Heart give them a 5 point lead, largest of the game…..TO CCSU

Sacred Heart 38 CCSU 33

– While there is a break in action, figured I would mention I’m running a bracket pool for sports bloggers at Just Call Me Juice. Check it out if you want in

– Big run from Sacred Heart, 10-0 to be exact, giving them a 42-33 lead.

– CCSU switching to a 1-3-1 to stop SH on offense

– CCSU is now a run and have the lead down to 4

– And SH responds with a a dunk from Henley

16:00 TO Sacred Heart 48 CCSU 42

– Mojito can’t buy a basket……Sacred Heart looks like they could run away with this

– All i want is a buzzer beater…….just to hear the organ

– Another huge three by Scared Heart…..

– Bob Whicuuuu just said that Sobers from CCSU will get the gameball because he played the season with shin splints…….thats weak

12:00 TO Sacred Heart 53 CCSU 46

– CCSU needs to start hitting shots if it wants a comeback…

– Another big 3 by SH gives them their first double digit lead of the game

– CCSU finally responds with back to back threes….down to 4 quickly

– Blackwood is getting hot and quietly has 19 for CCSU

– Where the hell has the organ been? I haven’t heard it in the second half….

– 10-0 in about 2 minutes to tie it up…..ALL the momentum is with CCSU…..and Frye just picked up his 4th foul with 8 minutes left. Not good

– Peter Griffin needs a TO quickly

– Blackwood leads the CCSU comeback…..this one is getting interesting…come back comments!

8:00 TO Scared Heart 58 CCSU 56

Freshmen Hardy for SH goes to line and misses a pair…..SH needs Frye in the game to win this

– Just heard a great line from the crowd perfectly “Get off your knees ref, your blowing the game” They might want to change the placements of the mics, becasue that was crystal clear.

– Back to back baskets by SH’s Henely who is dominating downlow…SH up 4

– Another huge three by Litke of SH, he’s 4 of 5 form deep….the threes by SH have been the difference SH by 5

– Mojito finally gets back into the actions and hits a three….SH by 2

– Bobby just called Sacrred Heart “St. Francis”……Great game, cna’t wait for the finish

4:00 TO Sacred Heart 65 CCSU 63

– Again, where is the organ? Does it only work when CCSU is winning?

– Mojito ties it up at 65

Frye is finally back in and hits one of two from the line

– 3:00 Powell scores for CCSU and is foued by Fyre….he’s fouled out…..looks like a very questionable call

– 2:30 CCSU up by 1….Henely scores for SH….he might be the player of the game…SH 68 CCSU 67

– 2:00 Litke misses a three for SH…….Mojito nails a three for CCSU…….SH misses a lay-up….CCSU up 2 with 1:00

– We want the organ!

– Sobers hits a huge jumper for CCSU……4 point lead with 41.6 left

41.6 left CCSU 72 SH 68

– The loss of Fyre has taken the heart out of Sacred Heart

– Quick bucket for SH….looks liek they won’t foul…..foul called with .22 left……Blackwood hits both…..4 point game…SH tries a three… no good…….CCSU wins by 4

– Crowd rushes the floor, but no organ

Great game after a rough start. Thanks to AA and everyone who left comments. Check out Just Call Me Juice