Live from Putter’s House (the Putter from the Aggro-Crag), the NEC Championship game live-blog. Tonight we have Central Connecticut State at home against Sacred Heart. The schools are separated by only 50 miles in Connecticut, and since Uconn sucks this year, I guess this is the battle for Connecticut.

– I’m still obsessing over the list of notable alumini for both teams. My favorite from CCS is Dave Campo and from Sacred Heart, it’s John Ratzenberger from Cheers and Dancing with the Stars. We were able to connect Ratzenberger to Kevin Bacon in two steps, in case you were wondering.

– The key to enjoying these Championship Games is to pick a team to root for right from the beginning. I’m going with Sacred Heart for a few reasons…..this is their first seasons above .500 in D1, their coach has been at Sacred Heart for 20 plus seasons, so there is the slight chance of seeing another Dick Davey sweater and Sacred Heart is a very heavy underdog in this game

– Putter and I are still on Cloud 9 following our Pub Trivia victory last night, so if this game sucks, I’m breaking out Pub Trivia from last night.

– And our announcing crew is….Bob Wischeuen and Mark Adams….yawn

– Well, the gym looks like a small high school gym, and the cheerleaders are beat on both teams. At least it’s a good crowd

– CCS best player’s ame is Javier Mojica…sounds like a tropical drink to me…

– SH strikes first with a shot from Jarrid Frye, SH’s best player

– Say what you will about the small gym, I’m getting a laugh out of the baseball organ they have been playing as CCS walks it down the court… sounds like a baseball game.

Both teams can’t hit a shot and look nervous….

16 Timeout CCSU 4 Sacred Heart 4

– God I love the baseball organ, can anyone tell me anther college basketball team that has an organ?

– First basket from Mojito, I mean Mojica

– Scared Heart is playing well so far, switching up defenses and causing alot of turnovers.

– As I write that, CCSU scores a quick 4 points and Scared Heart can’t hold on to the ball.

– I think both teams are shooting about 5 of 40 so far. This better get interesting soon…

12:00 Timeout CCSU 10 Sacred Heart 8

– This horn is FANTASTIC…..The horn is playing “If Your Happy and You Know It” and the student sections is yelling “You Suck” while clapping. Highlight of the game thus far.

– Pub Trivia Time….. What is the only US Cabinet position not to have Secretary in it’s title?

– Scared Heart shooting 23%….CCSU shooting 29%…..awesome

– Mojito answers the three from SH with a three of his own, the first two plays to actually resemble a game of basketball. Mojito’s got 8.

– Wow, back to back threes by Sacred Heart, everyone is finally settling down.

8:00 Timeout CCSU 16 Sacred Heart 14

CTYankeefan said….

I’m a CCSU grad, and it’s awesome that you’re blogging this. Go Blue Devils!!!

Switching back and forth between this and the West Virginia/Providence game, I can see that both of these NEC teams suck.

All I want to know is if you have any more info on the organ….

– Why are the cheerleaders wearing basketball jersey. I mean I know it’s a small school, but you can afford uniforms

– Finally figured out who Mojica looks like……Sean Paul.

– And the coach from Scared Heart looks like Peter from Family Guy

– Bucket by Frye gives SH a 19-18 lead

– Of course, CCSU answers with a three….

– Both teams are finally hitting shots and this game ins finally getting interesting

4:00 Timeout Sacred Heart 26 CCSU 25