So if you’ve been patiently awaiting Tiki Barber’s first piece for the Today Show you’ll be happy to hear that NBC is flying him to Blacksburg, Va. to interview as many distraught humans they can find. Tiki who is from nearby Roanoke, Va. (and an alum of UVA) will be one of the thousands of vultures descending on the campus today, and the rest of the week.

Barber was supposed to do his first report today, on British motivational speaker Marcus Buckingham. Instead, by nightfall NBC was proving it is serious about the former Giant as a newsman. He was en route to Blacksburg to cover the Virginia Tech shootings.

I know it’s a reporter’s job to get people on camera for their reactions and comments, but what I saw last night was just ridiculous. These kids went through hell yesterday, and f’ing Geraldo (who must have teleported there) is gathering up kids and prying them for answers and tears. It’s really just disgusting.

So bravo Tiki…..good luck…..I hope you can do a little better than the ‘stache, and the rest of the hounds. And always remember…..”If it bleeds….it leads.”

(P.S.- You already know this, but Keith Olbermann has been added to FNA. I’ll save comment for now because there’s other stuff to talk about. But I’ll be weighing-in on this soon.)

Tiki Thrown into the Deep End (Newsday)

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