I mentioned this about a month ago, but with Tony signing back on with local DC Radio this past October I thought he might be considering leaving MNF. Well after that post, most of you noted that Kornheiser did the same thing last year and still ended up back in the booth. Well now there are even more rumors circulating that the ESPN Analyst might be leaving the gig for good…..

DCRTV is hearing more rumblings that Washington Post superstar sports columnist Tony Kornheiser will not be returning to ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” next season. We’re told that Kornheiser wants to focus on his local morning radio show, which resumes on new talker 3WT in January, and on his ESPN “PTI” afternoon TV program. Kornheiser’s decision to give up the “MNF” color spot could cause some hurt feelings at ESPN, which removed sports media rival and former Redskin great Joe Theismann from the “MNF” broadcast booth before this season’s shows started. However, Kornheiser has publicly said that he and Theismann have a friendly relationship.

For those of you not from the area DCRTV is pretty “in-the-know” in regards to local Radio, but they have started unsubstantiated rumors in the past. Who really knows what Tony will do, but if this rumor is true it would honestly be the best thing for the guy.

(From DCRTV via Deadspin)

Kornheiser Returns To DC Radio, Departure From MNF Imminent? (Awful Announcing)

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