Welcome to yet another live-blog of your Monday Night Football contest. We’ll get this going shortly….thanks for stopping by.

8:03- The Monday Night Countdown crew just did a “Why is Notre Dame so bad?” piece. WTF! Just stop with the Irish crap……they suck.

8:30- Is it just me or does ESPN have a ton of automotive advertising for Monday Night Football?

Ron Jaworski just gets geeked for football. I picture him going all crazy in the dressing room and Mike and Tony just trying to calm him down.

“In the aftermath of Katrina…..”- Tony Kornheiser, I just tuned him out

Suzy reports that Reggie Bush and Lendale White got in a fight as Freshman

“I guess we’ll see which former Trojan deserves a benet (sp?) after the game.”- Michele Tafoya

Some luck charity got $100 tonight courtesy of Mason and Ireland ESPN 710!

It’s Monday Night Football and that’s how we do it! Game time.

8:49- Kickoff goes to the Titans and we’re underway with a touchback. 20 yard gain on a first down play action. Great pass by Young. Shotgun on 2nd……Another play action and R. Williams picks up another first. Great play calling by Jeff Fisher to start the game.

White picks up a few on first down. Wow the saints have no sacks or interceptions??? Damn. Good hit by Fujita on 2nd. 3rd and short and Young with a pretty pass for the third, third down of the drive.

“Are you sure thats not the Patriots who just stole the Titans jerseys?”- Tony Kornheiser. Yes Tony, yes we are. The black QB is a big hint. (Via Joe K)

Ha….just a small clue.

Great run by VY for a first and Tony brings up the 14th Rose Bowl reference of the 1st quarter. Young tosses it up after getting about a half an hour to throw. Almost a great catch by Eric Moulds.

“A mush rush? That’s sort of like the Itidarod when the mush dogs?”- Tony Kornheiser

Yep exactly Tony.

8:55- VY fumbles and sacked on third down and that’s going to be a punt. Tough drive for the Titans….they do everthing right, but get nothing.

And another commercial!!!!!!!

Is there a celebrity guest tonight?- Odessasteps

I’m not sure, but Spike Lee is almost guaranteed.

Jaws could have a giant, two-tiered shit sandwich, sorta like those doubledecker PBJs your Mom made, on Italian bread, and if it had the number 10 written on it with VY’s dog’s urine, he would say that it was simply the best burger he’s ever had in his life.- Hollywood Wags

I think I’m hungry.

8:59- Reggie Bush picks up two yards and the whole world stop and watches a mediocre run.

“The problem with this offense is that they’re throwing when they have to….not when they want to.”- Jaws, Very good point.

“The Saints need to get Regis here to give them a pep talk like Notre Dame did.”- Tony Kornheiser

Not funny, and can WE SHUT UP ABOUT NOTRE DAME PLEASE!?!?!?!?!?!

Great return by Davis, but it’s nullified by a block in the back. Mike Carey flexes on your ass in explaining the penalty. I’d love to see Eddie Gunz vs. Mike C. in the Octagon.

“God, why does every announcer consider an end-around a reverse? I heard the same comment yesterday.”- Bobert

No announcer will ever understand this concept….it’s maddening.

9:05- 1st down and Young throws directly to a Saint who drops it. Lendale White gets a screen for a nice first down and the Titans are in Saints territory again.

I think Mike Tirico just showed us the constellation The Big Dipper trying to describe Vince Young’s run on the previous possession.

3rd and long after Mike Tirico told us that Lendale White is having a “big game” in the first ten minutes of the game. First down to AA’s certified fantasy sleep Brandon Jones. Jones again for another first and the Titans are in the red zone.

Chris Brown goes nowhere and a loss of five….I think Jaws is especially coked up tonight. Titans are going to get a FG attempt out of this drive and they’re looking bad in redzone tonight.

“Sometimes the best throws you make are incomplete.”- Jaws, Okay Jaws….I’ll give you that one.

3-0 Titans on a Bironas FG

9:15- Great fake to Bush on the Kickoff and what looked to be a huge play just gets to the 36.

“Big leg-ed bironas”…looks like tirico was thinking that one out before the game”- Dr. C

You think Doc? Telegraphed that one.

Big Prison is Jammal Brown’s nickname??? Scary.

Saints have just about the quickest series I’ve ever seen in my life, and they’re punting again. Wait….no. They’re going for it at their own 45. Play Action!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing! What a horrible play!!!! A holding penalty as well. Terrible.

3-0 Titans at the half

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