Question: What was Romo saying after every interception in the 1st half?
Answer: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag!

(Thanks to The Goat for the screen grab.)

“Didn’t know if you knew that Christopher Columbus took a lexus across the Atlantic.”- Chris Berman (Via Dr. C)

Huh? What does that even mean???

10:21- 7 point game to start the half. No Brad Johnson as Romo is still in. ESPN would call in a hit if the Cowboys made that switch.

6-2 Indians in the Sixth if you don’t know how to use your thumbs to change the channel.

Jones moves the chains for the Cowboys on a third and short. The Bills are challenging the spot of the ball and whether the runner was down by contact. Good challenge as Jones was easily down. He might not be short of the first down, but that doesn’t matter.

10:29- “Maybe Dallas….because of some of the people they’ve played….their stats are inflated.”- Kornheiser

Not a bad point, but they are in fact playing the Bills. I’d go with the looking ahead theory myself.

Dallas gets another first down on third and short and they’re moving slowly into Bills’ territory. T.O. drops a screen, and third down……

Crayton just hurdles a linebacker and it’s first and 10 for the Cowboys at the Bills 11. Crayton makes this team go…..underrated.

A run of 1 for Jones, Incomplete to Hurd, and it’s another 3rd down for the ‘Boys…..

Great Play by the Middle Linebacker DiGorgio…..MISTER PAPA GEORGIO!!!!!! (Whoever gets that reference wins a cookie)

Folk Implosion gets the field goal and it’s a 4 point game.

17-13 Bills.


“Did Chip Caray just announce that the Indians were about to upset the Yankees? The Indians had homefield advantage and a better regular season record. How is this an upset?” (Via Brave Sir Robin)

That doesn’t surprise me.

10:43- “AA that PAPA GEORGIO reference would be Vagas Vacation…I’ll take Chevy Chase movies for 600”- Dr. C


Incomplete to T.O. down the field. Great try as that’s the first time Dallas has really gone downfield. 3rd and 8…..Romo misses a wide open Owens, and the Bills are smelling blood.

10:49- Dangerous pass by Edwards but he’s bailed out by Josh Reed for a first down. Lynch gets popped on a short pass, but the Bills pick up 18 on yet another TE screen to Royal.

(A-Rod just hit a solo homer…..Cue the “Here come tha Yankees” quote from Chip Caray. Can I get verification of this? I have the baseball game muted on another TV)

Edwards makes one of the best plays I’ve seen a Rookie QB make. He picks up the blitz, knows he’s going to get hit, and still gets the ball out to Parrish for a 7 yard pickup. The kid is poised.

3rd and short and the Bills go with the end around, and lose yards.

“1-4 start Tony? The Cowboys won this game already?”- 289

Great call….I heard that but it didn’t register.

“Tony K. is still on MNF for one reason. Writers protecting writers. Nobody circles the wagons more than hacks protecting hacks.”- Anon

I hope to one day be that secure.

10:59- Romo to Owens for a first down, ANNNNNND HERE COME THE COWBOYS! (Sorry I couldn’t help myself)

15 yard penalty and a screen to Barber takes it into Bills’ territory. 3rd and short and the play action goes to the FB Anderson. T.O. was open for the TD, but the Boys get the first.

End of 3rd and the new J-Lo that drops tomorrow takes us to the fourth. 24-13 Bills.

11:03- Romo tries that crappy play where he fumbles and then tries to complete a pass. Incomplete…..Queer as Folk with the FG attempt.

24-16 Bills.

“Why the F will Romo not throw the ball to TO???? All I need is a TD and i win this week in fantasy. Stop your little obsession with Witten Tony and give the frickin ball to Owens!!!!!!!!!11”- Anon

Well I have Romo in the KSK Keeper League…..I’m screwed.

11:09- Good move by Josh Reed, but he’s tripped up just short of a first down. Lynch picks it up on the next play though. Edwards is sacked and it’s 2nd and 20.

Edwards fumbles on the following play and it’s 3rd and 30! He just needs to get rid of the ball. He’s taking forever.

“Screen!”- Tirico
“Draw!”- Jaws
“Shovel”- Both in unison
“All in the same family.”- Tirico

Mike, see a draw is actually a run….shovels and screens are passes. Not exactly the same family.

Buffalo punts.

11:17- Cowboys are driving….10 minutes left…..


“This has turned into a Rex Grossman game.”- Kornheiser

Too bad everyone made that joke in the first Tony.

Roy Williams gets rung up for the 15 yard “Roy Williams” penalty and the Bills are in business. Or no….they call it a facemask…..5 yards. Terrible call. It was both.

Terrance Newman knocks Wright out of bounds and flexes. You need to look at the scoreboard Terrance. The Bills have it inside the 30 and a first down. Lynch with another huge run and the Bills have it inside the 15.

Edwards throws it out of bounds on first down. Nothing on second…..3rd and 8…..


You can flex now Terrance. He fumbled at the end, but just like yesterday’s Skins’ game his people were running with him to recover it.

Dallas ball at the Bills’ 17. Dagger.

11:31- Jones runs for nothing……


HOLY CRAP!!!! Papa Gorgio gets another one!

He takes it back to the 40.

“Dare I say it….it’s not pizza….it’s DiGiorgio!”- Kornheiser

3 and out for Dallas and Moorman is punting again. What a crazy game.

False start on first down. Crayton picks up most of the 15 on the next play, and a draw to Barber picks up the first. The clock is under 3 minutes…..

Romo passes to Barber’s and he just hands it to McGee who drops it….that was number six. Oh man. That would have been it.

“Do you remember Ed Luther, he holds the Monday Night record for interceptions with 6.”- Tirico
“I’m so old I remember Martin Luther, but not Ed Luther.”- Kornheiser

Oh God that was bad!

Dallas picks up the first down and we’re at the two minute warning.

We’re going bold the rest of the way. Dallas is driving and Bobby Abreu just hit a solo shot in the ninth to cut it to two. Could there be a worse scenario for an O’s and Skins fan right now? Jesus.

Romo incomplete to Witten, and it’s 3rd and a few for the Cowboys. They should run this since they’re going for it on 4th down. First down to Witten. Timeout Dallas :40 seconds left.

A-Rod up 1-2 count one out for the Yanks. He pops up two outs!

First down Dallas at the three timeout.

Posada up with 2 outs………..IT’S GONE!!!!! NO!!!!!!! FOUL!!!!! Holy Shit!

Another Timeout in the Football game.


ROMO HITS CRAYTON FOR THE TD!!!!!!!! 2 Point conversion coming!

Here we go Sports Fans………..

4 Wide for the Cowboys………NO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! T.O. Has it stripped on the fade!


One last chance on the onside for the Cowboys. HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!! THEY GET IT!!!! THEY GET THE ONSIDE!!!!!!!

No timeouts left for the Cowboys. There’s a review to see if Hurd touched it before/at the 10 yard onside mark. And Hurd looks to have it.

I am just shocked.

Well here we go…….


No! REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap…..holy crap. That’s incomplete……still time though if it’s incomplete.

Now what is going on…….both Brad Johnson and Tony Romo are on the field!

INCOMPLETE!!!! 13 SECONDS LEFT…….Cowboys have to get this ball out of bounds……

Pass to Barber for a few and that’s a 60 yarder there. Dallas is going for another quick pass……

52 Yard Attempt for Folk for the game after a completion to Crayton. Here we go……


NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TIMEOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?! Here we go again!!!!

GOOD AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25-24 COWBOYS! That’s all Folk(s)!!!!!!!

Oh wow. I’m just completely stunned. Stunned. That’s a level of losing that you can’t even fathom…..I’ll let Cory close it out for us……

“It makes perfect sense, interview the guy that passed for 5 INT’s and had a horrible game rather then interviewing the guy who just won the game with a huge kick”- Cory

Video up soon folks……good lord. Check that….I’m giving the last word to Mark……

“If you’re from Buffalo or spent any time there, you will ask yourself this question. You will most likely ask yourself this question many times, normally during sporting events. No goal, wide right, phantom goal, homerun throwback, you know the drill. And it’s only getting worse with the 2006 and 2007 Stanley Cup playoffs, and now the 2007 NFL season. It’s a simple question with no answer: why does God hate Buffalo?”- Mark

I don’t even have the words.