“One of five Michigan rookies in the NFL…..all you rocket scientist who want to know about Michigan!”- Mike Tirico
“You’re a little defensive about that.”- Jaws
“No No just clearing it up.”- Mike Tirico

Way to start the 4th quarter Mike….a little bitter?

9:47- Ray Lewis has been playing with a torn tricep? Goddman.


All of Cincy is shocked! That’s just a dagger!!!!

20-19 Ravens…..How did that happen???

“Carson Palmer must be an elite QB.”

Well, it is an ESPN game, and he did go to USC…. – Anon

Of course Anon…..of course.

9:52- Sams is hurt too?

ESPN puts up a red line which shows Ed’s path to the endzone. Okay, what the hell is the point of that Red Line?!?!?! Ugh. Did we really need that crap???

“The commentating has been uneven, but I don’t think these guys have been awful. You want awful, just wait for the second game…”- Anon

Agreed on the second game, but this broadcast has been anything from stellar. Not horrible though.

“My wife just found out that there’s a second game. I think I’m sleeping on the sofa this week.”- Anon

F’ing ESPN ruins everything.

9:58- Horrible…..Horrible Play call!!!! Terrible pass…..McNair picked! Amazing interception by Geathers. He returns it to the Baltimore 22.

“Focus on the replay guys.”- Mike Tirico cracks the whip!

Okay….everyone is talking at once. Don’t we all know what qualifies as an interception at this point?

Here comes a healthy dose of Rudi Johnson. First down run there…….

TOUCHDOWN TJ WHO’SYAMOMMA! Bengals go for two……Flag on the play. Ed Reed with the defensive pass interference and CJ tells him about a recipe he made the other night.

Rudi gets the two……..Cincy 27- Balt 20

5 turnovers for the Ravens! How are they still in this game?

“Wow. Did Kornheiser really just start cackling after Jaws used the phrase “Biggest Johnson”? How professional. And mature.”- Bstone

I would have laughed too to tell you the truth.

10:09- McNair completes a pass to Mason for a first for 13 yards. The Bengals are giving him too much space. McNair gets blasted by the rush. A draw to McGahee and Stevie Mc looks worn out.

Deflection by Marshall who seems to be playing with a bit of a chip on his shoulder after being released by the Skins. Punt by the Bengals. 5:39 to go.

It’s Your Ship, great reporting by Michele Tafoya…..couldn’t we have gotten that out of the way before the game?

10:12- Tony K with a reference from the 20s.

“Where you mind sometimes”- Jaws
“Stuck in the 60s”- Tony Kornheiser

RUDI JOHNSON FUMBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow. This game is f’ing crazy. Now Boller is in????? What is going on?

Boller goes three and out….wait they’re going for it. Nice throw by Boller and they pick up the first. Great play by Mason to keep the feet in. McGahee runs up the middle for no gain. Kyle almost gets picked on 2nd Down.

Jaws tells us it was underthrown……

3rd Down- Timeout. McGaheeeeeeeeeeee…….no! Looked like he got in but he’s short. 4th down…..2 minute warning. Wow.

“I’m looking at one of my fantasy teams and I see that I’m going to lose a game where my opponent sat Tomlinson. How depressing his that?”- Jeremy

What???? You should kick him out of the league for that!!!

“Boller can’t complete a pass to the end zone. But hey, remember the video where he threw the ball 50 yards while sitting down? “- Anon

That’s what a real QB does….forget all of your fancy accuracy stats and your non-interceptions! Kyle Boller is the answer!!!

4th down….Boller Passes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Offensive Pass Interference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow!!

Horrible call! Great catch. If anything it was defensive pass interference.


4th down from the 10 now, Boller chucks it up! HOLDING!!!!!!! Same official makes the call!!! (It was right this time though)

First down Ravens.

I’ll take it off bold now. McGahee run for not much and an incomplete pass that should have been caught. I don’t know what Jaws is watching when he says that was overthrown.

PICKLE! Boller nails Heap in the chest and it bounces into the hands of Myers!!!! Wow. What an ending.

That’s your final folks…….27-20 Cincinnati Bengals with a win in the MNF Opener.

If you’re hanging around for game two meet me in a new thread