8:05- Now they’re saying Ed Reed is hurt too. This game is very Boys-G Men like. Dropping like flies. And now Ogden is hurt!!! The Ravens might not make it out of this game with a full squad.

Nice catch by Demitrius Williams. He’s about the person who’s looking good for the Birds. Musa Smith gets a nice run and the Ravens make a game of this thing.

9-7 Bengals

“I take away only one thing from tonight’s broadcast: Heroes can’t come back soon enough!”- BF

“Call me too sensitive, but the ESPN Mobile funeral commercial is OFFENSIVE. If I see a dildo like this guy texting during a friend’s funeral, I’m kicking his ass on the spot. It’s not funny, and I have an extremely morbid sense of humor.

And thank God Tony Romo finally got an ESPN commercial. And shame on ESPN for making him wait to start ten football games to give it to him.”- Anon

Yeah I’m with you on that one Anon….I’m liking the Bud Light commercial at the Opera though. Good stuff.

8:14- Chad Johnson with another run and catch…

“I said before this game that this was a critical game for the Bengals.”- Tony Kornheiser, No Really? You were definitely the only one who thought that a division game was important Tony. The ONLY one!

BJ Sams nails Perry on the punt return, and no one is holding anything back on these hits.

Those Coors Light commercials are just not funny at all, but the Sunday Night Pottery Commercial…….uhh, isn’t either. I’ll be posting that one tomorrow.

8:22- Every Raven is official hurt and receiving treatment according to Suzy Kolber. Musa Smith with a screen and gets most of the yardage back after a holding penalty.

….More Giggling in the booth. God they do not stop.

Jaws freaks out as Dexter Jackson just hammers Todd Heap on the sideline. Don’t apologize for yelling Jaws, I kinda like that.

ANOTHER HUGE HIT……but it’s a penalty on the Ravens’ Wilcox. This is a bloodbath.

“The big hit by Dan Wilcox from Appalachian State.”- Mike Tirico
“Where have we heard that before Ann Arbor?”- Tony Kornheiser

Hahahahahaha. BURN! Now that’s funny.

8:34- 2 minute warning…..PTI at halftime……don’t you dare change the channel!!!

Rolle with a huge hit on TJ and these D players are getting pissed. Samari with a nice open field tackle on Rudi Johnson to follow it up too.

Graham hits a FG and surprisingly doesn’t look too hurt. Mike Tirico reminds you to send your videos in, so ESPN can just go ahead and use their employees. Good times.

12-7 Cincy.

8:37- Great return by Sams across the 50, and McNair hits Mason on a pass at the 18. The Crows are hanging in there.

6 seconds left and the Ravens will get a Field Goal try out of this.

12-10 Bengals at the half.

I’ll see you in a new thread at the start of the third but be sure to listen to me on ESPN 710 in about 20 minutes…..

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“I wasn’t aware Dakota Fanning was a Bengals fan.”- Suss

Winner! Close the voting. I don’t care who you are…..okay you know the rest.

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