I don’t even have words to describe that first half. I just want to thank Mike Golic for actually caring about this and at least trying. I can’t understand a word Ditka is saying and Greenberg is just a joke. Hopefully they can at least salvage this thing…….onto the 2nd half.

So it’s half time. ESPN will surely be covering what happened in the first half, maybe talking about what adjustments will be made in the second half…oh no wait…a preview of the WOMEN’S WORLD CUP!!! AWESOME!!! Go kill yourself ESPN.- Panthers In The Pros

I am so glad I missed that. I will let PITP’s rage speak for what my reaction would have been.

Midnight: The witching hour is upon us. What do you have planned for us in the 2nd half Mikes?

A couple of bad penalties from AZ and they’re heading backwards. A screen and Shipp is nailed by Manny Lawson.

Walt Harris is a good Football player, but he was a good player in Chicago.”- Ditka

WALT HARRIS HASN’T PLAYED FOR THE BEARS SINCE 2001!!!!!!! Good lord you homer! He’s played for two other teams since then.

“These guys don’t deserve to call anything else “ugly.””- Anon

Amen. I mean it’s not like they’re rookies…they had a whole Arena League season to practice with.

12:10- Leniart sacked and he’s getting zero time at this point. Wow Greenie correctly identified a zone coverage……someone alert the presses. Oh yeah, we’re the only idiots watching this nonsense. Oh well, we’re having fun right? Right?!?!

San Fran gets the ball back at midfield.

“This announcing is the best ESPN can come up with?! Why don’t they just dial it in next time? Oh wait, they are dialing it in. If I wanted to listen to radio announcing, I would turn on the radio. Zzzzzzz, what a snoozefest. God, this is painful! I’ll take Bryant Gumbal any day over these bores–and I hate Gumbal. Between Keith Olberman and the Peyton Manning lovefest on NBC; Games viewable only via a subscription package and Bryant Gumbal’s horrible announcing on the NFL Network; ESPN stank announcers and Monday Night football starting too early at 7pm; Are the Networks trying to single-handedly kill the sport for us? What is happening to our beloved football?!!!”- Niki

Whoa Niki….friend…..back from the ledge okay. You have friends here and you can vent. Deep breaths…..deeeeeep breaths.

12:16- Smith throws the ball away, and a roughing the passer penalty is called. Golic is not happy. And he’s completely wrong.

“Darnell you can’t do that son.”- Golic

He can’t hear you Golic. Well I guess you’re talking to him the same way I’m yelling at Greenberg through the TV Screen. Nevermind…..I’ll let it slide.

Timeout Niners

“Am I the only one who’s noticed they’ve barely called Vernon Davis’ name tonight?”- Mike Greenberg
“One catch two yards.”- Mike Ditka

Do you know how he knows that Greenberg? HE JUST SAID IT 15 MINUTES AGO!!!!!! He and Golic talked about it for a good 30 seconds you self indulged……I give up……

“We need to give Greeny a break, I am sure he is drooling over Mike Nolan in his power broker suit. Greeny loves a sharp dressed man!”- Anon

Fair enough….fair enough.

Hey a score! Field Goal by Nedney…..

13-10 49ers

12:24- I’m also changing my ROY vote to Willis….thanks for the highlights Golic. Levi Brown with a false start and Arizona is looking dreadful in this second half which has apparently just started because there’s somehow 9 minutes left.

“That was mild pressure. That was a lot of pressure” – Ditka, Via Panthers in the Pros

Haha….great catch. I missed that one.

12:30- God that Everett hit is hard to watch….can we just stop showing that one angle please? Nice pace from Smith to Battle for a first down (Greenberg freaks out).

Alex Smith got smacked on that one, and almost throws a pick. Greenie makes his first comment of the game bringing up the “Coffin Corner” punt. Thank god…..it only took you two and a half hours Greenberg.

Golie, when I think of “sure-handed receivers,” I don’t think Arnaz Battle. And you can back it up with all the statistics you want. I’ll take Marvin, thank you.- Anon

12:37- What in the hell did Bonnie Bernstein just try to say?

“Carl lu call shralling the…..49ers by three Mike.”- BB

Mike Greenberg definitely went to the “Joe Buck Center For Announcers Who Want To Sound Like Condescending Dicks The Whole Game” School of Announcing.

Matt Leinart gets popped by Willis and finally there’s some energy in this game!

Leinart responds with a great pass for a first down “Let me pop up Mr. Grimdeer???” Is that what Ditka just said??? I think I’m drunk on nonsense.

“Everything sucks! You guys are awesome!”- Anon

I missed you Anon…..I thought you would have stopped by earlier when I was praising Mike Golic or Jaws, but no….you of course miss all of that. Good to have you though. Would you like to say why this doesn’t suck?

12:43- Vernon Davis gets his second catch of the game immediately followed by a drop. This game refuses to get into any sort of rhythm.

Another punt.

End of the 3rd and we’ve got a 13-10 barn burner. Who’s Coming With Me To A New Thread? Let’s close this thing out!

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