Well that was a heck of a half right? After a beautiful interview of Jimmy Johnson and Jeff Gordon by Stuart Scott we’re right back in the thick of things.

Video of Kornheiser and Jaws arguing about the same exact thing.

The Niners try an onside kick to start the half which fails, but Maurice Morris fumbles after a first down and it’s San Fran ball. Here comes that Niner O! Mike Tirico calls Safeco Field historic coming back from break….not sure a ballpark that was built in 1999 can be called “historic”.

Alex Smith overthrows D-Jack and I bet he’s glad he switched teams in the offseason. 9ers are punting in Seattle territory on 4th and 4, and really….what’s the point?

Nate Clements picks of Hasselbeck on the first play of scrimmage and works his way inside the ‘Hawks 30. He does a little showboating by flapping his arms, and I think he should look at the scoreboard before rubbing it in.

Gore busts his way for a first down and the Niners are at the 10. Incomplete pass as Smith throws it away. Gore runs for two on second down, and those two plays should have been reversed. Battle gets a pass about and heads out about a foot from the first down marker. Timeout San Fran as they decide whether to go for it or not.

“If Matt Hassleback was trying to throw to Engram in triple coverage with a corner that costs $91 billion, Seahawk fans should be horrified by this team.”- Mez

How the Seahawks aren’t up 40 by now is beyond me. Going for it…..

NADA! The Seahawks just dominated Gore and the Niners line on that one. Now end this game please.

3 and out for Seattle, and the Niners will get the ball back again in good position. Make that great field position on the ‘Hawks 40! Do something San Fran!!!

Drew Carey in the booth after the break!

“We’re going to have a membership program for $100 a year where every four years you can vote on whether the GM keeps his job or not.”- Drew Carey
“We have that in the booth. Jaws is gone at the end of the year.”- Mike Tirico

The Niners go for it again on 4th and 2 and Jaws is right again. They’re 3 scores down with a quarter left to go. Try for 3! Tony brings up Price is Right and Drew breaks out the zinger of the night….

“Bob Barker…you can’t replace him you can only come on after him. Kinda like you came after Dennis Miller.”- Drew Carey


“Derek Anderson is stroking it right now!”- Ron Jaworski

Nice to know what DA does on Monday nights….

“Maybe it was my imagination, but did anyone else see Tirico’s face when Drew mentioned CBS?”- Anon

Not sure but I’ll go back and check after the drive. Burleson makes a hell of a catch on 3rd down and short and Seattle is running down the clock in the 3rd.

“Can we get passes to The Price is Right? Tony and I want to come.”- Jaws

Wow, Jaws actually made me laugh with that one. Tirico then followed with the idea of Drew bringing the big nametags for them to where. Not a bad guest at all. Bye Drew….

17-0 Still, End of the Third

Make that 24-0 after Hasselbeck hits Hackett on a pretty pass.

To the earlier point Anon….he definitely Tirico definitely made a face when Carey mentioned CBS. I’ll get the photo up in a few.

Whoa! Steve Young is in the booth all of a sudden!!! I’m telling you that he’s replacing Kornheiser next year. Mark my words. Something amazing is happening with Young in the booth as well…..THEY’RE ACTUALLY TALKING ABOUT FOOTBALL!!!!

Now don’t take that as an endorsement from me because Steve Young talks like he’s coked up, but anything is better than Kornheiser.

“Why only replace Kornheiser? Move Jaws back to the studio. Young and some other play-by-play announcer not named Mike Tirico would be just fine. Two should be the maximum people in a booth. PLEASE NOTE ESPN: More doesn’t equal better”- Anon

Here’s the thing…..I don’t really like Steve Young enough to give him an analyst position full-time. He talks way to fast and occasionally forgets his point because of it. I still like Jaws and I don’t know how a two-QB analyst booth would work. I’ll delve into this a bit more tomorrow. There’s a barn-burner on our hands!

24-0 still.

An actual good report from Michele Tafoya on Mack Strong’s injury and sudden retirement. I think ESPN might be throwing some things against the wall to see what sticks. Mack Strong passes on Michele’s hint that he should go into coaching, and that he’d rather head into the broadcast booth. Might not be a bad idea….on that interview alone I could replace about 20 people with Mack.

“My boy Marv Albert a few booths down doing radio would say that was serving up the facial.”- Mike Tirico commenting on Jaws dig back at Michele after the Mack Strong report.

You should never use the word facial and Marv Albert in the same sentence. Well that an the word “bite”….on and “hooker”.

2 Minute Warning…..Finally…..

Turn out the lights….the party’s over. The Seahawks post a shutout on the 9ers with a final score of 24-0. Not a bad game from an announcing standpoint….especially during a blowout. From an NFL game standpoint what can you say? The Niners look dreadful on offense. More on the Steve Young appearance tomorrow and thanks for stopping by.

“If Stuart Scott gives me a Wha Ha Happen deal….I walk….right now.”- Kenny Mayne

Sorry…had to throw that quote in at the end as well. Too funny.


Actually one more thing…..why do they say they’re going to Sportscenter after the game when Bristol just sends it back to Stu, Steve, and Emmitt for a 30 minute review of the game we just watched?

Makes no sense to me.