(OMDQ likes women’s volleyball and isn’t afraid to admit it)

I have no idea exactly what AVP in AVP Tour stands for (the “V” has to be volleyball) and I don’t care enough to look it up. The only reason it’s even worth mentioning right now is because earlier today, Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh won the Tour’s Hermosa Beach Open. The victory was number 73 for May-Treanor, breaking Holly McPeak’s women’s record for career wins. Walsh isn’t far behind, with 70 titles to her credit. (They’ve both got a way to go for Karch Kiraly’s overall record of 148)

McPeak and May-Treanor were partners at one time, finishing fifth in the 2000 Olympics, but Holly either doesn’t realize that Misty got married or just likes calling her “Misty May”:

“I’m proud of Misty May. I knew she was going to be great when she first started playing, and I knew she was going to break my record. I was just hoping that I would have an opportunity to be on the court to defend it against her. She is a great volleyball player. She is an inspiration to everyone.”

May-Treanor is married to Florida Marlins catcher Matt Treanor, a backup catcher with a .216 career batting average whose claim to fame is being married to Misty May-Treanor. Given the varying degrees of success in their chosen careers, it seems kind of unfair that she had to take his last name instead of vice versa. (I kid, Matt, I kid – I’m in the same boat. If this were the case, my last name would be Hathaway right now.)

(Note: Alright, I caved and looked it up – AVP stands for “Association of Volleyball Professionals”. The official song, according to Wikipedia, is “We Are The AVP“. Here are the lyrics:

We are the AVP.
It’s a sexy sport,
On a little little court,

The AVP.

We’ve got Chicago
And Manhattan,
Comin’ live and direct

It’s an Olympic Sport,
We’ve got the matching shorts,
We are the AVP.

Click on that link above for a brief video. I smell a Grammy.)

Photos: SI.com and Tilo Schuster