Usually when I wake up and make the almost 2 hour trek into work I flip through the emails on my phone. Today was different as there were a good 10 or so with the subject “Mike Patrick”….I wondered what goofy thing he did today. The Britney Spears’ Incident was something goofy and random, and it was fun to make fun of him for being so random. I couldn’t wait to read what he did this time, but it wasn’t goofy and random.

Speaking about Virginia Tech’s trip to LSU earlier in the year Mike Patrick had this to say about the game…..

“Virginia Tech went to LSU and got murdered.”- Mike Patrick

Now I know when you’re in the moment sometimes you say things you really shouldn’t, but comments like this are inexcusable. How many Tech fans do you think were listening at the moment and thought back to April? Probably tens of thousands. I know some of you are going to say that people are too sensitive and that there has to be a moratorium on things of this nature, but I’m saying there shouldn’t be.

Just inexcusable to me.

(Thanks to Roger and all of the other Tech fans who expressed their feelings.)

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