This is more than likely going to win The Pammy Award for the week Millenium, and it was so ridiculous that it needed its own spot.

Georgia and Alabama are in overtime and GA has the ball with a chance to win. So Mike Patrick says to Todd Blackledge that he has an important question. He wants to know about someone. Who could it be in an overtime game? Ex-Bulldog Hershel Walker??? Joe Namath’s stint in rehab??? No it was someone more important than them……

Britney Spears.

I’ll let reader Dave explain….

In OVERTIME, Patrick says to Todd Blackledge “I’ve got an important question.”

Blackledge: “Go ahead.”
Patrick: “What’s Britney doing with her life?”
Blackledge: “Who?”
Patrick: “Britney.”
Blackledge: “Britney who?”
Patrick: “Britney Spears. What’s she doing with her career?”
Blackledge: “Why do we care at this point? Is she here?”

Ball is snapped immediately following this exchange and Georgia scores WINNING TD — again in OVERTIME.

Yep, last play of an overtime game and Mike Patrick, unprovoked mind you, wants to know about Britney Spears’ Career. Riiiiiiight.

And thanks to Anon here’s the video…….

espn football announcer daydreaming about britney spears during Georgia Alabama game (The Blog Of An African Nerd)

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