This “Golic Steroids” issue is getting even weirder now. Yesterday, I passed along a quote from Mike and Mike in which Golic nonchalantly admitted to using steroids in his career (thanks to DL). Well today the issue was broached again, and brushed aside again.

Via ProFootballTalk comes the following from this morning’s show…..

Golic and Greenberg hardly ever take callers, and it will probably be a long time before they do it again, given that the first caller initially talked about Williamson but then switched topics and asked Golic, point blank, if he used steroids.

Today Golic left no doubt, calmly and clearly acknowledging that he used steroids briefly during his playing career in an attempt to recuperate from an injury. Greenberg wanted nothing to do with the subject and quickly cut the caller off to turn back to the Williamson story.

I’m almost enraged that Greenberg doesn’t even flinch when this is said. This is sports reporting at its worst. Your longtime partner is admitting to using steroids on National airwaves, and the topic is completely glossed over. How does this happen?

For as much time and effort that ESPN puts into reporting on Steroids how would they not tap into a resource that’s admitting on-air that he did them…..WHILE STILL PLAYING!!! ESPN has had stories on the issue from acquiring performance enhancing drugs all the way to how they react with your body (and everything in between). I’ll try to get the audio up later today, but am I that off-base on this one? Doesn’t this seem the height of hypocrisy? I mean both of the Mikes completely bashed Barry Bonds for 3 months straight, but this isn’t even talked about?!?!? Ridiculous.

UPDATE: This comment is from what I perceive to be the actual caller to the show. Kudos to him for making the effort……..

“I’m the guy who made the call to ESPN … hello all. I called in because I read on this very blog about Golic’s admission earlier in the week and the refusal of Greenberg or Golic or anyone else to follow-up on it.

Corbin is correct that Golic may have been prescribed steroids by a physician. I have no idea. The reason that I do not know the context of his steroid use/abuse is because Golic and ESPN refuse to discuss it. Considering that the Mike & Mike Show discusses steroid abuse quite regularly, it is absurd that they do not address Golic’s own history head-on.

One minor quibble with the ProFootballTalk post; I was not cut off by anyone. They rarely take calls, and the screener (who had no idea that I would mention Golic’s steroid use) was clear to me that I would only have 10-15 seconds to speak. I was allowed to ask my question, and they put it on air. They certainly could have dumped it. For that, I give them credit. For their refusal to acknowledge this elephant in the room, I give them no credit.

I made the call to try to keep the topc alive, in the hope that Golic will eventually discuss this in further detail. If you agree that this is newsworthy and interesting, please continue to raise the question online, in print, and by calling in to radio shows. I doubt Mike & Mike will be taking many calls soon, so you may not have a chance to ask the question directly. Ask other ESPN hosts. Eventually, we can probably force this topic to the foreground. “- Jeff in Chicago

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