It seems like everyday there’s a fight on Chicago Airwaves. Today it’s between a coach and his former player. Dave Duerson was on WMVP-AM 1000’s Mac, Jurko and Harry Show yesterday to defend himself and the Players Association after Ditka had called him a liar the day before. Duerson claims that Football is better today because of the Players Association….a point that caused Ditka to scoff at, and eventually hang up the phone.

A stormy radio exchange between Mike Ditka and Dave Duerson over the NFL Players Association’s treatment of needy former players ended abruptly Tuesday when Ditka hung up on his former safety, who had frequently interrupted him.

“I just don’t want you to embarrass yourself in front of Congress,” Duerson, a trustee on the retirement board that oversees disability cases, told his former coach in reference to a House Judiciary subcommittee hearing June 26 on the NFL benefits system.


I’m not really sure who’s right (because I haven’t read anything about the situation), but Duerson sounded like he knew what he was talking about….unlike Ditka. My favorite part of the conversation was when Ditka responded to Duerson by stating, “It’s very intellectual, a lot of numbers, a lot of stats there”.

Uhhh Coach? You normally bring facts and numbers to an argument. It kinda helps you win said argument.

(Ricky Williams was not available for comment)

Ditka hung up by Duerson’s blitz (Chicago Sports)

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