I’m not a New Yorker, but some of you that read this site are. Here’s good/bad news for you folks. Mike and the Mad Dog are filling the spot vacated by CBS’ Don Imus on WFAN……

With Mr. Imus now gone from their lineup, CBS Radio and WFAN were under pressure yesterday to find someone to replace him. At least temporarily, WFAN planned to install “Mike and the Mad Dog,” a sports talk show, in the morning hours that Mr. Imus had occupied, according to a company executive. But the prospect of such added responsibilities did not stop the two hosts — Mike Francesa and Christopher Russo (the “Mad Dog”) — from blistering their employer, CBS Radio, for cutting ties to Mr. Imus in the midst of the fund-raiser. “They should know better,” Mr. Russo said on the air. “A sophomore in college handles this better.”

Ouch…..I think the key word there is “temporarily”.

The Light Goes Out On Don Imus (New York Times)