Look, I’m not one to spread rumors, but this seems like it very well could be true. An email came through the AA wires shortly after the end of the Padres-Cards game last night, and read as follows…

Did anyone catch the Padres TV broadcaster Matt Vasgersian’ s on air battering of the Cardinals and their fans? It was live on San Diego Cox Channel 4 tonight in the top of the 9th. He told the Cardinal Fans to get in their El Camino’s and go back to the ozarks and then he pressed his cough button and told his partner Tony Gwynn he’s tired of coming to this hole and getting their ass kicked and he’s not coming back next year, it was barely audible but it could be heard.

I’ve tried just about every avenue I can think of to get the video/audio. San Diego is obviously going to bury it, and MLB had the Cards’ feed for the night. If anyone can validate or disprove this rumor please do so in the comments or feel free to email me.

If this is totally off-base I’ll be sure to put up a post saying so, but if something like this was said over the airwaves….we need to shed some light on it.

UPDATE #1: A second source has come forward and has given AA the play-by-play. So this dig at STL looks like it’s more than likely true. Here is the whole thing via reader VJ….

8-06-07 Ninth inning Greene hits a double down the line and two fans go over wall to get the ball….Here is broadcast I taped it channel4San Diego…First they are called yahoos…….(Matt V.)………As one of the ozarks finest pours himself out of the grandstands…..pause…and by the way the Rams should still be in L.A…….Had it with this place already…..pause….get back in your el camino and drive back to the ozarks………..Then with Baird at bat Matt forgot to hit his cough switch in faint audio you here……Im done with this place…Im so tired of losing here…..Its hotter than shit……We get our asses kicked every time we come here …..Im not coming here next year.

Wow. Expect some huge backlash today.

UPDATE #2: Okay, I’ve received a third confirmation that this went down. This is no longer a Rumor Mill item.

UPDATE #3: Officially Confirmed and said in jest folks. I’ll leave it at that….until I get the audio of course.

FINAL UPDATE:Vasgersian contacted AA and I’ve posted his response. Thanks for visiting Saint Louis……AA would love to see you stop back by again sometime. Cheers.

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