I don’t really watch Tennis at all. Sorry, but it’s a damn boring Sport to me. Well I’m thinking I should start after two moments during the earlier rounds of the U.S. Open. McEnroe is being accused of talking too much, and Mary Carillo is using questionable language….

I know this PC stuff has gotten beaten to death lately (Jerry Lewis…you’re not helping), but when you call an Israeli born player a “Jew” on National television….it’s not going to come across well at all. She did so when talking about a win from Shahar Pe’er, and it wasn’t that she said it, but HOW she allegedly said it (Paraphrasing Via reader BI)….

“The Jew won today.”- MC

No matter how you meant that…it comes across so wrong. She corrected herself later in the broadcast, but the damage had been done. Well I don’t know how much damage because apparently no one watches Tennis. Not a single news source has reported on this. It’s probably just an honest slip up, but that’s a strange choice of words coming from such a big advocate for gay and lesbian rights.

The two have also been talking about Single Moms as well. John McEnroe had this gem at the end of an exchange on Australian Sybille Bammer….

UPDATE: Some folks have emailed in to say that the paraphrasing above is wrong, and that she used the term “Jewish Player”, and then corrected that with Israeli. If anyone has the exact quote feel free to pass it on.

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