We’ve good a fresh face for this contest as Marco from JCMJ joins us for his first game. It’s Alando Tucker…..it’s Izzy the Islander…..IT’S MADNESS!!! (After the jump).

Wisconsin #2 Midwest Region:

Conference Big Ten
Location Madison, WI
Coach Bo Ryan (since 2001)
Arena Kohl Center
Record 28-4 (13-3)
NCAA Appearances 12
NCAA Record 16-11 (.593)
Last Bid 2006
Last Win 2005

Texas A&M Corpus Christi #15 Midwest:

Conference Southland
Location Corpus Christi, TX
Coach Ronnie Arrow (since 2004)
Arena Coliseum
Record 25-6 (14-2)
RPI 82
NCAA Appearances 0
NCAA Record 0-0
Last Bid Never
Last Win Never

Hey kids, It’s Marco from Just Call Me Juice. You might remember me from such live-blogs as “The Play-In Game”, “Ohio State vs Wisconsin” and “Christmas Ape Goes to Summer Camp”. I’ll be your guide for today’s match-up between 2 seed Wisconsin and 15 seed Texas A&M Corpus-Christi. This tournament is still due for a good upset (Duke sucked this year)and TXCC is better than you think, so this has potenital.

When I saw this game on the bracket, I almost picked TXCC because I think this game is set up perfectly for them…..they are the perfect Cinderella team based on mascot, name and the fact they have had a team for only 9 years. Perfect Cinderella story. Not to mention the fact that Wisconsin is reeling and Tucker is their only player capable of scoring

Thank you Extrapolater for the story and picture of the TXCC mascot (above). He kinda looks like that giant head that used to have on MTV back in the day. That mascot is a national story if the Islanders pull off the upset.

Got Winthrop-ND on right now, Winthrop looks better than I thought in the comeback. And Tennessee is all over LBSU. Somewhere, Snoop is crying….or smoking weed.

Notice no one is live-blogging Crieghton-Nevada, which might be one of the better opening round games. I might do double duty and keep you updated on both.

Big snowstrom here in PA today…Noticed that most of the schools got out early from school today. Getting out of school early + Afternoon NCAA Tournament Games = the greatest day ever.

How long before we see the TXCC Mascot in an Sportscenter commerical? And while I’m at it, how did Texas A&M CC come about really. Not enough Texas A&M? I’m waiting on Penn State-Hazleton to the make the Tournament in 2015

And we are ready to tip from Chicago….TexasAMCC comes out strong with the first two buckets to take a 4-0 lead. Wisconsin looks out of whack.

Nice Hawaiian shirts by the TXCC Band

Holy hell…….anthoer 3 by Texas AMCC……It’s 10-0…..TXAM is ready to play

17:00 TXCC 10 Wisconsin 0

TXCC looks like theyjust wants it more thus far, jump ball goes to the Islanders. Mitchell already has 6 points for the Islanders

TXCC looks like they are going to press this entire game…..Wisconsin looks complety uncomfortable….still a shut-out….don’t want to jinx this one

16:00 TXCC 10 Wisconsin 0

The uniforms, style of play, mascot, nickname, name of college….I love everything about TXCC

I think the Sonic commercial about the Breakfast Burrito and “Charlie” is winning the “Applebees Three Hour Annoying Commercial Award” this year

Not sure what exactly happened to the comment section, blogger has been completely out of whack today, emailed AA to see if he knows whats up

Wisconsin finally makes a bucket, but TXCC responds quickly with a jumper from Daniels

Creighton – Nevada update: Creighton is up 14-13 in a game that looks like it is going down to the wire

TXCC comtinully to outplay and outhustle Wisconsin is every way shape and form. It’s now 17-4 follow and and-1 by the Islander. Let’s just hope they don’t flame out at the end like Davidson yesterday

Did I mention I like the Hawaiian shirts?

12:00 TXCC 17 Wisconsin 4

AA is trying to fix the comments thing…..Blogger is awful today. I had two pots just disappear on my blog. Still 17-4 Islanders

Congrats Wisconsin, you managed to score 4 points in 10 minutes (and counting) against a team from the Southland Conference

2 free throws by TXCC, first points in almost 4 minutes. Basically, this game is the complete opposite of the LBSU-Tennessee game S2N is blogging.

Good lord, the comments are back. If your a Wiscons fan, you havn’t missed much. TXCC just hit two straight buckets to extend te lead to 23-7

Wisconsin 2-19 from the floor….just wow

Another miss, the way that Daniels and the Islanders are playing, they might run away with this game

Just thought about this, I’m now really likeing my UNLV Sweet 16 pick

Anyone think Wisconsin can crack double-digits before half?

7:00 TXCC 23 Wisconsin 7

Daniels from TXCC might become the ‘It” player of the tournament if this continues, even ahead of Maynor. He’s got 3 blocks a few dunks already. He’s fun to watch

Bo Ryan’s head looks like his head might actually explode

TXCC is doing a great job getting to the line today….

The crowd in Chicago is all about TXCC….steal by Wisconsin and they actually have a chance to crack double figures.

4:00 TXCC 25 Wisconsin 9


Player falls down on the center court decal for aout the third time today…what is the point of that

Wow, Wisconsin puts together back to back baskets following Tucker’s three….TXCC calls a panic TO

TXCC 25 Wisconsin 13

God, I love Landry’s construction googles

TXCC hasn’t hit a shot in 5 mintues, and they are still up 12

Another block by Daniels…..but then the Islanders turn it over again.

This is Wisconsin’s chance to swing all of the momentum in their favor heading into the half……and Tucker is fouled and heading to the line

Tucker hits a pair, the lead is down to 10 but Wisconsin has all of the momentum.

Daniels responds with a dunk, I think I’ve got a man-crush on him

Tucker responds with a bucket to cut the lead to 8 heading into the half. Tucker seems like he may be heating up. Bad news for the Islanders

HALF TXCC 27 Wisconsin 19

Just ventured out into the snow, not so much of a good idea. It’s really snowing here in Central Pennsylvania

Let’s see if TXCC can hang on to pull the shocker. I’m not so certain following their play in the last 8 minutes

Back to the game (was switched to ND-Wintrhop)

First 3 by Wisconsin of the game, it’s now 33-26 TXCC

Technical called on Steiemsma from Wisconsin, still not exactly sure why yet

For the first time this game you can really hear the crowd from Wisconsin…

Two technical free-throws are good for the Islanders….Daniels (my man) hits a jumper form the foul line, TXCC back up double-digits

16:00 TXCC 37 Wisconsin 26

3rd foul on Daniels, this will be a big strench for TXCC to see if they can hold on

Well then, Daniels replacment comes in and has a chance for a three point play. Adn converts…

Tucker hits a three….he’s really playing well now

Gotta make a complaint about CBS, we need more shots of Izzy. Seriously, located right behind the basket. Need some close-ups guys

3 by Bohanyen, lead is down to 6, All of the mo is with the Badgers

Bucket by Tucker, place is going nuts. TXCC needs a TO BABY (sorry)

12:00 TXCC 42 Wisconsin 38

I’m back, had to make Charlie go away (tell that’s in your head by now)

Billy Packer is loving the Wisconsin comeback. I think he would have had a heart-attack if TXCC ran away with this one

BIG three by Mitchell of TXCC….

TV TO 11:00 TXCC 45 Wisconsin 38

3 by Tucker, he’s playing like a man possessed. Lead is down to 4 for the first time today.

Hate to say it, but I can’t see TXCC hanging on to win this game

There we go, close up of Izzy….and some god looking TXCC cheerleaders. Honestly, what else could the mascot have been with a nickname like Islanders

Tucker heads to the bench with 3 fouls

BACK TO BACK THREES by Taylor, so much for needing Tucker. Game is tied

10:00 Wiscosin 47 TXCC 47

Two missed free throws by TXCC…..and Wisconsin responds with it’s first lead of the game. Izzy needs to summon some island powers to trun this one around

Missed free throws are killing the Islanders right now. When you can hit a field goal, you’ve got to hit the foul shots to keep it close

What you have to think if yuo are TXCC is that as bad as you are playing right now, you are only down by 2.

God, make some free throws….thats now 4 misses in 5 attempts

8:00 Wisconsin 52 TXCC 50

And we are back, switched to Creighton-Nevada

Googles man blocks Mitchell breakaway lay-up that would have tied it

And we are gone again…

For now Wis 53 TXCC 51

Ok well….Creighton-Nevada is in OT….doesn’t look we are going back to Wisconsin-TXCC anytime soon. What I can tell you is that it’s 61-56 Wisconsin right now at the under 4:00 TO

Wisconsin looks like they are pulling away (from what I can tell) 65-56 with 3:00 to play

The give a quick flashback to the Wisconsin-TXCC game, Wisconsin is up 68-58 with 1:30 left…..Damn, there goes the major upset. And there goes Izzy becoming a national story

Great OT game between Creighton and Nevada…..Nevada looks like they are going to win this with 10 seconds left

And Wisconsin pulls it out….have to admire both the effort by the Islanders as well as the comeback by the Badgers

And how did Wisconsin manage to score 76 points?

FINAL WISCONSIN 76 Texas A&M Corpus Christi 63

Thank you for all of the comments…I’m off to start the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. Don’t forget to check out Just Call Me Juice

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