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Vanderbilt #6 East Region:

Conference Southeasten
Location Nashville, TN
Coach Kevin Stallings (since 1999)
Arena Memorial Gym
Record 20-11 (10-6)
RPI 49
NCAA Appearances 8
NCAA Record 7-9 (.438)
Last Bid 2004
Last Win 2004

George Washington #11 East Region:

Conference Atlantic 10
Location Washington, DC
Coach Karl Hobbs (since 2001)
Arena Charles E. Smith Center
Record 23-8 (11-5)
RPI 74
NCAA Appearances 9
NCAA Record 4-9 (.308)
Last Bid 2006
Last Win 2006

OK, we just got started, neither team has scored yet.

I’m your buddy Extrapolater. I got the first, and best game of the tournament this morning, with a Davidson vs. Maryland game that went fast & furious. Looking forward to this one.

Apparently GW is “long”. Hard to tell with those shorts on.

Vandy scores first – Foster with a three.

Good position for GW, but unable to take advantage.

Cage hits the ground very hard, right on the buttbone as he drives to the hoop. Looks painful, but he’s up.

17:23 left Vandy 4-0 after the free throws. Beal had to take the throws with Cage on the bench with the injury.

Stallings should be coaching Providence. His hair just screams “Friars” to me.

GW isn’t scoring, but Vandy isn’t making the most of it.

If you went to either of these schools, drop by my College Rule site and tell me what it was like.

With 15:57 to go it’s all Vandy 7-0.

GW finally gets on the board as Koundjia shoots two free throws.

GW puts on full court pressure. Rice rebounds a Vanderbilt miss, but the ball goes back the other way after a GW miss. Lots of running, very little scoring.

GW is fighting hard for every rebound, but just not getting their hands on any. This game is really going to test my spelling ability – tough names on the GW bench.

Drake scores for the Commodores. With 14 mintes left, it’s 13-2 and GW hasn’t hit from the field yet. Just the FTs

By the way, I have Elmore and JB. Elmore sounds more than a little sleepy right now.

Hollis scores a two and gets the FT. But Vandy gets it back immediately.

King shoots in a two to make it 15-7 in Vanderbilt’s favor.

George Drake averages 3 points per game, but now he has 8 already! Oh, and then he fouled.

I’m going to have to wait a minute – CBS has taken me to teh Penn/A&M game temporarily. Which A&M seems to have sewed up with 1:21 left and a 61-50 lead.

Aha, we’re back. still 15-7 for the Commodores.

Vandy is keeping GW out of the paint pretty effectively. Despite their “length”.

There is like zero flow in this game.

Kajagoogoo at the line for the Colonials, shooting two, to make the Vandy lead 15-9.

Vandy’s moving the ball around pretty well, which I would expect from Stallings. He worked for Roy Williams at Kansas, running that (I guess I have to call it) Carolina system.

Vandy makes it 17-9 on a Foster leaper.

GW shoots a three that misses badly and rolls out of bounds.

JB is reminiscing about the Ivy League. ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Byars scores to make it 19-9, and we get a merciful commercial break.

So apparently this is the Calhoun UConn coaching tree vs. the Williams Kansas tree.

Brown cans a three for Vandy 22-9. The Colonials had better find something that works, because this is getting ugly.

Ugh, so they get a shot clock violation. Way to answer the call.

Hollis just sort of handed the ball to a Vandy player, and the Commodores stick a three in the Colonials faces. And then Brown dunks. Now I see why this game is on at 5pm. So nobody has to worry about watching it while they’re driving home from work.

I really enjoyed coach Hobbs’ work as Detective Pembleton on the old show Homicide.

Diggs tries to take GW to the rack and gets called for an offensive foul. It’s 5:30 to play and still 27-10 in Vandy’s favor.

Byers scores from the corner to make it a 20 point bulge. Yep, that sounded as dirty as I thought it would.

Not a lot of upsets today. I guess, actually, none. Wow, we need to fix that starting at 7pm, with a nice VCU over Duke.

GW gets the hoop and harm from Elliot. It’s 30-14.

Koundjia has three fouls and will have to take a seat.

Cage is back in after the hurt ass and hits a three.

I guess some announcers would say Cage was “out with a butt”.

Cage nails another trey – wow! Way to come back from that tushie.

GW misses the basket altogether and hasn’t scored in 10 minutes from the field. Foster scores. It’s 39-14 with two minutes left in the first half.

GW’s field goal percentage is 12 percent. Wow… Can they forfeit? Has that ever happened in an NCAA game?

41-14 and GW’s player travels on the way down the court.

Len Elmore wonders how to untrack the GW team. I think they are so far off the track you might just want to re-track them.

A GW player gets a circus shot to finally fall (Carl Elliot) and it’s 43-16. That was their first made shot in 11 minutes plus.

Elliot steals the ball and lays it in. That’s going on the GW season highlight DVD. You know, the part where the announcer says. “And then the Colonials played in a hard-fought NCAA game, but sadly, the season was over”.

Stallings calls a timeout to see if anyone wants anything when he goes to the concession stand during halftime. I mean, what would your speech be? “Alright guys, in the second half, let’s try to hold them to 9%! 13% is not GOOD ENOUGH!”

45-20 Vanderbilt at the end of the first half, and I suffer karmic rebound for getting the best game of the early session.

Awful Announcing- said…
Does anyone know if JB is sick? He sounds odd.

There are actually six comments on this thread. Which just goes to show you that us college basketball nuts don’t go down easy.

A minute elapses in the second half before Vandy hits yet another three – it’s 50-20.

Foster and Gordon have 16 and 10 for Vandy.

You kind of feel bad for GW. I mean, if I were Kevin Stallings, I wouldn’t show any mercy at all. It’s the NCAA tournament, and if you lay off in this game, will you be ready on Saturday? When it gets to this time of the season, you don’t let up.

Byers takes a rebound up strong to make it 52-23 – he’s a Virginia transfer. Kinda wish he were still there. So does GW, by the way.

54-24 as we go to time out. It’s like this game blogs itself!

I think we need to adopt the mercy rule in which the clock keeps running after every basket, during foul shots, and, heck maybe during the TV timeouts.

56-24, if anyone’s still reading. 14 minutes left in the game.

I totally don’t know how to spell the name of the guy who just dunked it for Vandy. I can’t even find it on my roster printout, unless it’s there and spelled Jones. Skuoujis? Scootch Us?

Vandy will see Washington State in the next round. I’m guessing the name “Washington” isn’t too scary to them at this point.

It’s the part of the game where the announcers just sit and talk about the other teams in the tourney. They’re not even pretending to watch the game in front of them.

Ah, there it is Skuchas.

Akingbade kills a musk ox at center court and bathes in its blood.

Just checking to see if anyone was paying attention. Lord knows I’m not.

GW is even missing free throws. It’s 60-29 in favor of Vandy, with an ungodly 11:30 to play.

Now would be a good time to fill in your brackets with the teams who advanced today. Maybe spend some time with your family, or cook something special for dinner.

Vandy shoots another three – Byers. Then there’s a dunk.

Elmore says this isn’t how GW plays. Well, it is today, holmes.

65-31 with 8:50 left to play.

Len is calling for the scrubs.

Google tells me there’s a hotel in Rhode Island with something called the Colonial Commodore suite.

67-34 with 5 minutes left.

Sacramento is Spanish for “Whale’s Penis”

69-38 Vanderbilt. As if I need to say who’s winning at this point.

At left we see the wreckage of George Washington’s season. JB just named Carl Elliot the player of the game for GW for scoring 8 points. I guess someone had to get it.

Now Len’s so bored he’s trying to jinx Kansas. Thanks, Len.

71-41 Vandy with 2:41 left. Amazing to get this far into the tournament without any huge upsets.

Len says Vandy is advancing. Whoah, there, buckaroo. This game isn’t over yet!

Ball gets stuck between the rim and the basket for GW. They’re going to have to invent new ways not to score at this point.

Looks like they named the players of the game too soon. King has nine! This game is all about “Can a GW player break double figures in scoring?” Probably not in the next 50 seconds.

Vandy has a guy with no name on his jersey – talk about emptying the bench. He gets his first points of the season (and probably last) in an NCAA tournament game. One point from the line.

Blessedly, this game is over. 77-44 for Vandy.

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