Good lord these games are pretty dull right?. Every upset has been tossed by the waste side as soon as CBS decides to go to the game. Well good thing we always have the announcers…….

About the Play by Play Guys:

1) Tim Brando’s thinks 911 is a Joke.
2) Jim Nantz has got to wanna kill Billy Packer by now.
3) Verne Lundquist is all about the spurt.
4) Ian Eagle invented the word man-jam.

About the Analysts:

1) Mike Gminski is a fan of Seinfeld.
2) Billy Packer…..ummmm, pass.
3) Bill Raftery is my wet dream.
4) Jim Spanarkel sounds oddly like Bob Ryan from the Boston Globe.

These teams weren’t nearly as bad as yesterday’s, but the double entendres were flying. The winners for the day……Lundquist-Raftery: I thought I had hyped them up too much before the tournament but they were head and shoulders above the rest.

Billy…..Bill Packer……Seriously, just get one thing right in your life please. I’m begging you for your own sake. It’s going to get ugly soon….I promise.

So without further ado I give you Day 2….in quotes……

-“And he and Shiloh were both in Mister Rogers Neighborhood- Verne Lundquist

-“This is a woeful exhibition by Georgia Tech in the first half of not having anyone who can get into an offense.”- Billy Packer (What?)

-“You know what Dick Enberg would say about Ume?” – Jim Nantz
“Ume? Oh my!” – Billy Packer

-“Randolph Morris on the inside for Kentucky has been too much of a load for Villanova to handle”- Billy Packer

-“Kentucky wants to occupy some clock”- Billy Packer (not understanding the definition of occupy)

-“Morris is tearing Villanova up inside.”- Extrapolater (And you thought I didn’t read everyone’s live-blog?)

-“Kentucky gets big again”.- Bill Packer

-“I think Double Digits will Delight their Devotees today”- Clark Kellogg

-“The buckets are coming up Reynolds wrap in Columbus!”- Tim Brando

-“Randle with the 360 Slamma…..OH FIGHT THA POWER!”- Tim Brando

-“I’ll use the banking board thank you very much”- Tim Brando

-“Seth Greenberg would like to see more deuces like that from Vasallo”- Tim Brando

-“The New Adventures of Old Christine”- Tim Brando
“Well I hope she dances better than old Elaine”- Mike Gminski”

-“WITH A MAN’S JAM!!!!”- Ian Eagle

-“It’s about time for Lindell White to get back on the floor, expose himself, and get the ball in a scoring position.”- Billy Packer (Thanks Hog Blogger)

-“This is a team that spurts.”- VL

And my favorite exchange of the day……

“A little Louganis involved in that?”- Verne
“Uh Yeah…..a little bit of a dive”- Raftery

I’m going to be offline (drunk) tomorrow for just about the entire day. If any of you come across some “Awful Announcing” then email me at Include the quote and your blog, and I’ll put together a special post for Sunday.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day……CHEERS!

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