ESPN actually did a pretty cool thing during the Georgia-Georgia Tech game this afternoon. Brad Nessler switched booths to work with Georgia Radio’s Larry Munson whom Nessler used to be partners with awhile back.

While that was all fun and good it was the exchange of goods between Nessler and Munson that caught the eyes of Nessler’s partners Paul Maguire and Bob Griese…..

“…had to give Muns that cigar.”- Brad Nessler
“We wondered what you were giving him.”- Bob Griese
“We’ve been trading cigars for about 28 years.”- Brad Nessler
“Voice sounds a little younger than yours.- Paul Maguire
“Does it?”- Brad Nessler
“We were wondering what you were giving him for after the game. You know my partner over here, he…..”- Bob Griese
“I thought you were giving him a bud.”- Paul Maguire

And to think, I once labeled the booth of Fowler, James, and Flutie the “Stoner Crew”. I think we need to switch that title.

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