Sorry folks….couldn’t finish my bit on Nancy and Simms, so I’ll get that to you tomorrow. Also, I hope you all got to hear my twelve year-old boy voice on SBL. Good times and special thanks to Jamie and CT for having me on. I was upset that I didn’t get to rag on Joe Theeesmann using the word Samatics a few interviews before me (I think he meant semantics), but oh well.

I also knew that the “Ideal Announcing Team” Question was coming, and I forgot to mention my all-time #1 team…….Pam Ward and Mike Gottfried.

Sam T is on the Duke/UVA game tonight so join in on the fun. Also Eric from Extrapolater is going to be at the game and has some thoughts about it here.

P.S.- The live-blog is at 9pm in case you don’t check start times like me.