The fun gets underway at 9pm. In the meantime vote on tomorrow’s game, and check out this post at Sports By Brooks. It’s a shame I’m not doing the Sun Belt Championship after reading that. My favorite part of the story is how The Indians decided to make a more PC mascot, and call him RED?!?!?! How is that PC? Anywho, see you at 9.

9pm- We’re live from The Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio

flubby said… I was hoping you were live-blogging the Oakland-Oral Roberts game, so I could waggishly point out the ORU has players named “King” and “Tutt.”

Sorry to disappoint Flubbs…….Oral Roberts is going dancing though…….Jenn Sterger would be proud. Your announcers are Terry Gannon and Stephen Bardo (Bardo’s kind of annoying. Not a bad announcer but makes a ton of mistakes)

Butler wins the tip. Couple turnovers to start (bear with me as I settle in). Mike Green hits a three to start the game, and if Butler is hitting threes the Raiders better look out. Quick Player to watch…….would be AJ Graves, but Dashaun Wood is the player of the year, and Wright State is gonna need him big time.

5-0 Butler early…..make that 7-0. Not a good start for Wright. Another three from Butler…this time Betko and it’s 10 to zippy. WSU is on the board with a three, and now we’re just being silly.

Hoosiers was apparently filmed at Butler…..Jimmy Chitwood’s acting career is crying somewhere.

10-3 Butler at the under 16 TV Timeout. If you bastards made me live-blog a blowout I’m going to be pissed. Just kidding.

D. Woods with a couple of throws cuts the lead to five. Wright is in the man-to-man, which is a must against a great shooting Butler team. Teams trade twos and Petko misses a three. Bardo notes that Butler is “getting every shot they want early” and that’s a very good observation. Good for you Stevie…..I’m proud.

The first sub of the game Scotty Wilson yanks a rebound away from Green, and Bardo has the first random quote of the night.

“Stole his cookies underneath the basket”- SB, Umm…..yeah…..okay.

Wright State ties it up as we approach 12 minutes. Butler is just missing wide open shots now, and Wilson follows with a miss for the Raiders. Miss, Miss, Miss, Missed Three……..I’m writing out the next 4 possessions…..let’s see what happens.

“Both teams needing to get people in……trying to get their second wind”- SB, Steve……it’s nine minutes into the first half. I would hope that the players aren’t even part of the way through their first wind, but hey…..I don’t watch that much Horizon League ball. Do they play on top of Mt. McKinley?

North Texas is up 4 in the Sun Belt Championship in case you are wondering…..and I know you are.

We’re in the midst of a drought after a high scoring couple of minutes from Butler….under 12 timeout……12-12 tie.

Butler picks up their 4th team foul already, and another three from Wood gives the Raiders their first lead. Bardo makes a stupid music joke because Wood is from Detroit. Here we go….

Crone hits a three just to prove that every player from Butler can hit a three. Bardo stutters something like “Scottttty…..ummm…..Wilson…..he understand….that….uh… don’t…..ummm…..get this opportunity……uhhh”. Wood just hops through 4 Bulldogs and Terry Gannon is not impressed…..the bored tone in his voice tells me so.

“Wood is showing us an arraignment of shots”- SB
“An array?”- TG
“Well let’s look at that arraignment”- TG, leading into the replay

Wright up two after a couple of low post baskets. Wilson with a three and the Raiders go up five. Graves nails a two right on queue with Gannon’s, “Don’t you have to get Graves involved?” comment.

We’re under 8 and it’s 22-19 Raiders.

Graves does a tricky little move to get open for a three and drains it. Couple of turnovers from Wright State, and play is getting sloppy again. I can’t believe Towson let Green get away……what the hell is wrong with the suburbs of Baltimore?

24-22 Wright St. I think Stevie Bardo has something wrong with his throat…..he keeps choking on his words (and he talks too much….*ahem Charles Davis!). Great pass from Green to Beasley and Butler ties it up. Another three from Wood and he’s already got 18 points……you might want to double him.

Burleson hits a three on an assist from Wood, and the lead is six at the under 4 minute timeout.

30-24 Raiders.

I know you people are reading……no one has a comment they can provide??? Whatever you un-interactive beotches. It ain’t gonna slow ME down!

2 minutes to go. Crappy call on a good steal by Scotty Wilson, and Butler goes to the line. Not where Wright State wants them….they shoot 76% from the line. And of course I jinx them….1 out of 2.

6 point lead for the Raiders still. Great defense by WState, but Butler picks up a mid-range bankshot. Wood makes the mistake of not taking the shot himself and turns it over.

Graves hits a runner, and at the end of a half that was dominated by Wright State the lead is only 2.

31-29 Raiders. Wood has 19…….new post for the second half…..see you there.

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