TJ said…Uh oh, Shooter just stumbled onto the court…

Alright, boys, this is the last shot we got! We’re gonna run the picket fence at ’em! Jimmy, you’re solo right! Everett, hit Whit comin’ across! Now, boys, don’t get caught watchin’ the paint dry!

Wow ESPN……Emo music gets me pumped for second halves!!!!!!!!!!! Whoooooooo!

“Dashaun Woods showed his total…………uhhhh………….array………that’s the word I’m looking for”- SB
“You’re gonna go there again”- TG

Give it to him Terry!!

Quick two off a steal from Butler ties it. North Texas is up one by the way…..sorry to all two of you who voted for that game. Wood nails a three and is not rusty at all to start the second stanza……21 for him.

“Wright State being carried by three players…..they need to find other sources as Butler will adjust”- SB, Jesus Christ!!!!!! Stephen…..there are only 5 players on the damn floor! If you have three players scoring for you that’s MORE than enough.

Bardo is horrible……even worse than Jimmy “Cinderella” Dykes last night.

Sorry for that tangent…..I hate when Announcers “try” to be smart and it makes zero sense. 2 point lead for the Raiders. More turnovers, more turnovers, more turnovers.

“Watch Green get involved in the half court set here”- SB, Which leads right to a Green drive and foul on WSU. Steve…….stick to that…..stop trying to be funny and use big words you don’t know the meaning of.

5 Team Fouls on Butler and we’re not even to the 16 minute mark. Wood just destroys Striker with a crossover, but the big man recovers and blocks the layup from behind. Good recovery. Crowd getting into it…..

SCOTTY DON’T!!!!! Scotty Wilson nails a three, and I break out Austin Powers quotes from 10 years ago.

Graves misses a three and Wright State gets an easy two. Butler isn’t calling a timeout because the TV break is coming up. Turnover, and it’ll be Wright State ball when we come back.

40-34 Raiders with 13:38 left.

TJ said… Is Bardo wasted?

Good question. He has two valid points for every 20 bumbling statement……very possible.

“Graves has got his open looks just hasn’t converted”- SB, Great point…….Graves is just off.

Scotty Wilson finally misses a three, and then he picks up a foul on the defensive end. Shooting foul that is. Lead’s five for Wright State. Another foul on Butler and their up to 6 team fouls.

Run Up The Score! said… I particularly enjoy Bardo’s ability to begin to say a hacky sports cliche, then totally forget what the hell he was thinking halfway through the sentence. Quite stunning, really. It reminds me of when my high school football coach told us in a pre-game speech that football was one half offense, one half defense, and one half special teams.

Thank you RUTS…..couldn’t have said it better myself.

Three for Burleson, and the white boy puts the Raiders up 8. Turnover on Striker from Butler, and we’re at the under 12 timeout.

43-35 Raaaaaaaaaaaidddddddersssssss (Chris Berman…..anyone?)

A missed three from Wright State, but Dashaun “I’m Everywhere” Wood gets the O-Board. Crone hits a three and Butler seriously needed that.

“Butler needed that because they can’t generate offense in the half-court”- SB, God Steve…..seriously…….just stop with the jokes and keep with the analysis. Perfect assessment of what’s been Butler’s second half.

The lead is three now as Butler is on a 5-0 run. Wright is missing shot after shot at this point of the game……Green forces a shot for Butler, and there’s a foul on the defensive rebound. Wright State is shooting free throws from here on out.

Another Raiders turnover, and Butler calls time with 7:51 left…..we’ve still got a TV Timeout which is nice because I have to pee like a champ. Crone again! He ties it with a three. Foul on Wright State after a miss, and we’re all tied up.

43-43 at the under 8 timeout……7:14 Left……

North Texas up 1 in our other contest, and if there’s time I’m going to magically head out there and finish off that game.

Wright State has missed their last 7 FGs. Green loses the ball, and Wood is picked by Butler’s Graves on the other end. A block by Burleson, and it’s WSU ball. An ugly ball for Wright State falls and their up two. Graves gets the bounce and we’re tied again…..5:30 t0 go.

Butler commits a reach-in and Wood goes to the line, but only gets one……46-45. Beasley gets a basket and Butler leads by one. Wood finally hits a nice layup after a sick crossover and WSU takes the lead back. Graves is short on the shot but Streichter gets the offensive rebound.

Just saw that Striker’s name was actually spelled Streichter…..that kinda ruined my night. Where’s Max Power when you need him?

We’re under 4 minutes and it’s 48-47 Raiders.

Yay! Commercials from the Super Bowl!!!! Good job Bud Light.

3:46 to go……..Green hits two and Butler is back up one. Great scoop shot by WSU….should have been a foul called, but Burleson picks up the two. Graves nails a three with the shot clock running out and Butler is up two with 2:30 to go…..

Wood makes a great move, and for some reason passes it away. Turnover Wright State, and Butler is looking for the kill. Great box out, and it’s the Raiders ball. Backdoor to Burleson and we’re tied.

Great block from behind by Wood on Graves, and WSU has the ball with a little over 1 minute to go. Three from Wood! Raiders up three…..Timeout Butler.

Great Defense from Wright State in the last minute or so…..I thought Butler had the edge, but the Raiders did a helluva job staying in this thing.

55-52 with 37 seconds left……Raiders lead.

The announcers are predicting a Graves screen, but I’m going to go with a Graves three to tie. Another Butler timeout as they can’t inbound…….

10 on the shot clock, and Crone hits on a great inbounds pass. Wood gets the inbound…..he’s hounded, and has to call timeout.

Duggins is fouled on the inbounds and he’ll shoot two. A 75% FT shooter. He’s short on the first, and then buries the second.

Two point game 56-54 with 24.9 left……the Nutter Center is playing Cotton Eyed Joe, so you can almost bank on a Butler three to win it. They call timeout.

Green has the ball up top…..passes to Graves, and he dishes to Crone down low. He’s fouled. Great play.

Crone bricks the first…….and hits the second. Butler will foul on the inbounds. No timeouts left for either team.

I’m kind of confused……both Bardo and Gannon are saying it was huge that a timeout was called by the Wright State Coach instead of a foul before the inbounds. This isn’t the NBA folks…..a foul is a foul. That would have been a good play. Am I wrong?

56-55…..11.6 left to go……WSU shooting two. Graham a 66% shooter hits both. Butler has no timeouts.

Graves misses the three and picks up a foul on the rebound. DAYTON IS CELEBRATING!

Graham hits two more to close out out and the Raaaaaaaiiiiiiderrrrrssss are GOIN’ DANCIN’!

60-55. First trip since 1993, and second ever for Wright State. Bubble teams beware….a spot is taken tonight.

A quick switch to ESPN2 (er, ESPN….umm…..the other one?) shows North Texas up 9 with 30 seconds left. Looks like the Mean Green is going dancing as well.

Good times had by all. Special thanks go out to TJ from Gheorghe The Blog for commenting. I’ll see you tomorrow for a day of posts, and another live-blog. Be sure to vote…..the early leader is the Big Sky Championship, but the St.Johns-Marquette Opening Round Big East Game isn’t far behind.


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