Les Miles is either approaching Saban levels of shadiness or he’s the smartest person alive. I guess he could be both really. Anyway, Miles was a caller on Mike & Mike this morning and when hit with the Michigan question he had this to say…

Les Miles (ESPN Radio Insider)

“My eldest daughter was born there, I uh…love the place there isn’t any question. And uh, it appeared early on that selected by the media that I was the guy and uh I uh I have a great job, I love where I’m at, I…you know there was never a time when I in my career made my only destination back to Michigan….

….and I’ve had no communications with Michigan. None, and I uh the the I’m certain that you know it was played in the press and I”m sad about that. I’m the guy that wishes nothing is said about me in the paper ever.”- Les Miles

“Just to make sure we’re totally clear on what you’re saying, you didn’t talk to Michigan, your people didn’t talk to Michigan to your knowledge and there’s not way you’re going to Michigan.”- Mike Greenberg

“There’s no uh, to my knowledge my people didn’t talk to Michigan, Michigan didn’t talk to me. There were was no communications.”- Les Miles

“You can’t be any clearer than that.”- Mike Greenberg

Wow he talked non-stop for about the issue for about 6 minutes without even bringing up next year and there were a hell of a lot of ums and ahs in there. Hmm, this leaves a door open doesn’t it? And while I do give Greenberg credit for asking the question, umm uhh yeah he can be clearer. He didn’t entirely answer your question. He left out one pretty big part of the answer.

I guess we play the waiting game now, but just be forewarned Les. You’re going to be pissing of a bunch of rowdy Cajuns if you flip flop on this thing. And I wouldn’t want to see them if this is pulled on them twice.

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