I missed the Nevada-UNC game last night due to that crazy Holiday Bowl, but luckily for us THM was. Apparently UNC has a promotion going with Bojangles. When the Heels get 100 points the people in attendance get biscuits for $1 at all local locations.

With Carolina approaching 100 points the fans started chanting “We Want Bis-Cuits!” (clap clap clapclapclap), but that’s not what Len Elmore heard….

Len Elmore, during tonight’s game against Nevada: “…And the fans are clearly excited, because apparently, there’s some kind of promotion where if Carolina scores 100 points, the fans get free fish sticks or something.”

I tell you what…..between the choice of a Biscuits or Fishsticks, I’m going Fishsticks every single time.


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