This is beyond ridiculous at this point, but I just wanted to weigh-in on one last point that everyone seems to be forgetting. In a move that MSNBC is chalking up to the “Integrity” of their News program they’ve fired Don Imus. You know that. But are you aware the fired him the night before he has a charity function that has raised over $40 Million Dollars for sick children?

The guy just raised $1 million dollars this morning for Christsakes! Imagine how much more he could have raised if he had the television audience working for him as well.

That’s a travesty. But what’s even worse than that is the fact they are airing a “Don Imus Fired” special right now?!?! There’s a number to call in and voice your opinion on the situation…HOW ABOUT PUTTING THE NUMBER FOR DONATING?!?!?! I dunno maybe these things make too much sense.

Here’s the number if you feel like being a good American…..877-877-6464.

As far as the Stu Scott’s of the world go… you realize how stupid and uneducated you sound when you say things like…

Rappers who use those words “mean it in an affectionate way.”

What?!?! Are you kidding me? Please just admit to the world (or the white population of America) that there’s a double standard and let’s just move on.

I’m not defending Don Imus in the least. A bad joke like that should never have been said. But seriously….just shut up about it. It’s just a word that offended the Rutgers team. They are the only ones who should weigh-in on the matter….period. You’re just making yourself look dumb.

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