Not that you would expect him to, but Tony Kornheiser is aware of his detractors and doesn’t seem to be bothered by them at all. In an interview with the Rocky Mountain News the MNF analyst had this to say about the bad reviews….

“I don’t read most of the criticism,” Kornheiser said while sipping water in a coffee shop near the Denver Newspaper Agency. “I don’t want to end up hating someone because of what is said or written.”

“I know where Dan’s [Dierdorf] coming from. He’s a purist when it comes to broadcasting football,” Kornheiser said. “Part of my job is to entertain fans. That’s why Howard Cosell, who was marvelous, was in the booth.

“That’s the element ABC and now ESPN want on Monday night.” Kornheiser believes he’s “improving” as his second season rolls on. ‘Jaws’ (Jaworski) and I communicate well with Mike (Tirico). I’m learning not to interrupt the flow of the game.”

Um actually you’re really not, and would you really hate someone if they wrote poorly about you? That seems a little petty if you ask me. And it doesn’t appear as if he’ll be hating the author of the article at the RMN who described Tony by saying, “His agile mind is several levels above the jock mentality of many NFL announcers.”

Jock mentality? Like actually caring about the play on the field???

Kornheiser at ease with his p’s and q’s on ‘MNF’ (Rocky Mountain News)

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