Herm Edwards is going to have to make some serious adjustments, because the running game for the Chiefs right now is non-existent, and if the Colts can stop LJ that easy, then Freeney will be able to wail on Green for the rest of the afternoon. Addai is looking like a stud at this point (Edgerrin WHO???) The offensive line is giving Peyton all day to throw, but he should have thrown that last one away rather than have Addai lose yardage on the completion. 21 yards from Manning to Clark at mid-field.

“That throw was ridiculous. Every time you see this guy make a throw perfectly, with so much spin on it.” – CC.

I like Tom Hammond; he’s a bare-bones guy who just calls the action and lets CC fill up the time with good bits.

Oh, there’s Ty Law! Peyton and Harrison miscommunicate, resulting in Law picking him off and heading 42 yards the other way (Law would have had six if Harrison doesn’t make a nice tackle.) LJ pushes it forward to the 2 yard line. Trent Green loses the snap and falls back to the 5. Tynes is in to kick, and it’s shankola on a 23 yard FG. Still 6-0, Colts.

“That may be the most expensive fumbled snap for the Chiefs.” – CC.

Boy, you’d be forgiven for thinking the Chiefs were the team with the worst rushing defense in the league instead of the Colts today. Dominic Rhodes reels off 25 and then 10 more on consecutive plays. Chop-block on Rhodes knocks out a good catch by Utecht. Wayne makes a nice-one handed grab, but it’s short, and the Colts punt again. If KC pulls off an upset, Trent Green needs to take the defense to dinner.

Thank you Diet Pepis, for the LAMEST. AD. EVER.

“Monday on Today, Matt Lauer takes one for the team and finds out what it’s like to get a hot flash.” – TH
“I think Trent Green is well acquainted with the hot flashes right now.” – CC.

BURN. Three and out count for KC now at 4. CC makes a good point about it being Indy penalties stopping them rather than KC’s D (although it totally contradicts what I wrote above; he’s the pro and I’m doing this for fun.) Addai just keeps going, 16 on a completion, another 12 on a run. Manning throws another pass to his endless stockpile of white tight ends, and Addai cleans up for the first down after that.

I just noticed we haven’t heard a goddamn thing from the sideline reporter since they introduced him at the beginning of the game.

Tony Dungy: apparently a cheap bastard, according to Herm.

Patrick Surtain puts Peyton on the ground for the first time. More of that, KC, and you’ll stand a chance to overcome your castrated offense. Jared Page picks Manning just outside the end zone, and everyone’s wondering why Manning threw that ball there at all. CC just dropped the Damon Huard card for the second half, and I don’t think that would be a half bad idea, as Green just threw another pass that was almost picked for six. Three and out count up to 5.

Bob Neumeier exists for an injury update on Harrison as the Colts try to run a quick drive. Viniateri FG attempt coming up before halftime. Good from 50 yards out, and 9-0, Colts at the half. KC went the entire first half without a first down, and if not for luck and bad reads, they’d be down by three touches by now.

Smoke break, kids. See you next half.

One More Dying Quail said… “Anywho, had to chime in with this: no matter what happens for the rest of the playoffs, nothing – NOTHING – will beat the feeling I had watching Peyton Manning get into position to take down Ty Law. It was like seeing a kicker try to tackle somebody, only a million times more amazing. What I would have given to have seen someone more badass than Ty Law in that position…”

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