With the Super Bowl coming up there will upwards of $100 Million Dollars in play this February. The bets that you can place are absolutely insane….Some of my Favorites….

What will Peyton Manning’s QB Rating Be?
Peyton Manning’s Total Rushing Attempts?
What will Joseph Addai’s Yards per Rush be?
Dallas Clark’s Longest Reception?
What will Rex Grossman throw first an Int or a TD?
And always the craziest one…..MVP of Super Bowl?

Here are the odds:
Manning Even
Dal. Clark +2000
Harrison +900
Vinatieri +1000
Bob Sanders +3000
Rhodes +1500
Addai +800
Wayne +1200
T. Wilkins +3000
Grossman +500
Muhammad +1900
Thomas Jones +1000
Berrian +1200
Benson +1000
Des. Clark +1800
Urlacher +2000
Hester +2000
Gould +1500
Field (any other player) +900

The weirdest part is that Gould has better odds than Mush Muhammad and Urlacher. Given the fact that a kicker has never won and MVP……I wouldn’t bet on Goulet.

But my personal favorite bet comes via The Cappers Forum. You may have heard that another Bengals player was arrested, but did you know you could have won money on it?

Ticket Number: 45002100 – 1
Accepted Date: Jan 05, 2007 06:25 PM – EST
Graded Date: January 22, 2007 06:11 PM – EST

Wager Type: Future/Prop
Wager Status: Won
Risk: $10.00 (USD)
To Win Amount: $100.00 (USD)

Amount Paid: $110.00 (USD)

Description: NFL Futures – Cinci Bengals arrested special – Next Cincinnati player arrested will be? – Secondary Player +1000